Gilbert House Fellowship #250: Job 25-27

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A DRAGON in the Bible? Yes! And we see it here in the Book of Job. What’s more, we see a connection between this primordial enemy of God and the spirits of the Nephilim.

Even before God created the heavens and the earth, He subdued Chaos—variously called Leviathan, “the deep” (the abyss; Hebrew tehom), the sea (the Canaanite sea-god Yam), or, as here in Job 26:12, Rahab, “the fleeing serpent.”

We also discuss the creation account of Job 26, which tells the story of the original chaoskampf, the struggle against Chaos (see Job 26:12-13).We also talk about the true meaning of “the north,” the personification of Sheol and Abaddon, and why “the dead” of Job 26:5 does not refer to deceased humans. (It’s another reference to the Rephaim, the spirits of the Nephilim.)

Other biblical references to God’s victory over Chaos:

  • Genesis 1:2 (Tehom [“the deep”])
  • Job 7:12 (“sea monster” or “dragon”)
  • Isaiah 27:1 (Leviathan, “fleeing serpent,” “twisting serpent,” “dragon”)
  • Isaiah 51:9 (Rahab, “dragon” or “sea monster”)
  • Psalm 74:12-14 (Leviathan, “sea monsters” or “dragons”)
  • Psalm 89:9-10 (Yam [“the sea”], Rahab)
  • Proverbs 8:27-29 (Yam [“the sea”], Tehom [“the deep”])

Note that Hebrew tehom is essentially a cognate (same word, different language) for Tiamat, the Sumerian name for the primordial chaos-dragon.

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  1. Yahweh is so beyound amazing. How HE ties all his word together! You and Sharon bring this out so well.

  2. To my dearest slugo’s — I wanted to make a ‘clarification’ on my comment
    last week. When I mentioned that Peter’s request on Mt. Hermon was cast aside – I was speaking metaphorically.
    Another great discussion today in Job – Thank YOU both so much!!!!!

  3. If Job 26:7-13 were Job’s insights into the heavens, the north had significant meaning. This is a vast empty space in the northern region of the heaven. It was first discovered with a Mount Palomar telescope. It was found to be so large that it could contain 2,000 galaxies the size of the Milky Way.
    In the time of the Tabernacle, sacrifices were offered ” northward before the Lord” (Lev. 1:11).
    Satan desired to ascend into the “sides of the north” when attempting to seize the throne of God in a cosmic rebellion (Isa 14:13).
    The crooked serpent may refer to a constellation known as Draco the dragon or Hydra the serpent. Ancient people would have known this, and both are symbolized by a serpent.

    1. Fascinating; thanks for sharing Janie.

      God bless you Derek & Sharon!!

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