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Gilbert House Fellowship #276: Exodus 7-9

IT’S A showdown on the Nile between the God of the Hebrews and the gods of Egypt. However, contrary to what we’ve been taught, the gods of Egypt in Moses’ day weren’t all Egyptian gods.

We discuss the first seven plagues of the Exodus and why we believe a one-to-one correspondence between the plagues and Egyptian gods doesn’t give us the full picture. Psalm 78:48-49 reveals that the seventh plague (hail and fire), which will be echoed in the first trumpet judgment of Revelation 8:7, was the work of supernatural entities called Barad (“hail”) and the Reshephim (“thunderbolts”), described as “a company of destroying angels.”

The Plagues of Egypt (click for larger version)

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Gilbert House Fellowship #275: Exodus 4-6

MOSES RETURNS to Egypt with Aaron as his mouthpiece, a concession by God to Moses’ reluctance to speak to his fellow Hebrews about the Lord’s promise of deliverance.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #274: Exodus 1-3

ISRAEL SPENT 430 years in Egypt. This is recorded in Exodus 12:40-41 and Galatians 3:17. How do we reconcile that with God’s promise to Abraham that his descendants would return “in the fourth generation” (Gen. 15:16), or the four generations between Levi and Moses (Ex. 6:16-20)?

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