Gilbert House Fellowship #255: Gen. 10-11; Deut. 32:8-9

Artist’s depiction of the Tower of Babel, the unfinished Temple 1 level at Eridu (southeastern Iraq).

BEFORE WE pick up the story of Abraham, some context: When God divided the nations after the Tower of Babel incident, He placed them under the supervision of “sons of God,” angelic beings who were charged with carrying out His will while supervising His creation.

We explain why understanding what happened at and after Babel is crucial to understanding the long supernatural war depicted in the Bible, not to mention the state of our fallen world today.

Articles mentioned in this week’s study:

Join us in Israel this year! We will lead another tour through the Holy Land October 12-25, 2020, with an optional four-day extension to the mysterious megalithic sites on the island of Sardinia to investigate the links between Sardinia and Israel.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #254: Job 39-42

Courtesy Brian Godawa (

LEVIATHAN AND BEHEMOTH are featured this week as God uses them to illustrate the difference between Him and Job. While these creatures are described as possessing almost unimaginable power, they are as pets to our Lord, who made them just as He made us.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #253: Job 38

GOD ARRIVES on the scene to respond to Job’s complaints, and boy, does He bring the thunder. Literally.

Speaking from a whirlwind, which is an image that had been co-opted by the fallen elohim to represent the Mesopotamian storm-god called Addu or Hadad (i.e., Baal).

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