Gilbert House Fellowship #214: Daniel 12

PHYSICAL RESURRECTION is an aspect of Bible prophecy that’s not often discussed.

Today, we link Daniel 12:2-3 to Isaiah 26:13-19, Ezekiel 39:11, Matthew 27:52-53, and 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 to show how the prophets and apostles understood not only that we will be physically resurrected someday, but that the Rephaim — i.e., the spirits of the Nephilim (yes, them again) — will be “blocked” from this resurrection.

Click here for more information on David W. Lowe’s excellent book Earthquake Resurrection.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #213: Daniel 11

THE END of the 11th chapter of Daniel reads like a prophecy of the wars of Antichrist. Since the first 35 verses of that chapter are a prophecy of wars that were over the Holy Land in the two centuries before the birth of Jesus, concluding with Antiochus IV and his abomination of desolation, this analysis makes some sense.

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