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Gilbert House Fellowship #250: Job 25-27

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A DRAGON in the Bible? Yes! And we see it here in the Book of Job. What’s more, we see a connection between this primordial enemy of God and the spirits of the Nephilim.

Even before God created the heavens and the earth, He subdued Chaos—variously called Leviathan, “the deep” (the abyss; Hebrew tehom), the sea (the Canaanite sea-god Yam), or, as here in Job 26:12, Rahab, “the fleeing serpent.”

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Gilbert House Fellowship #246: Job 14-17

JOB CONTINUES his lament this week, openly wishing that he could hide in Sheol until God’s anger was past. In response, Eliphaz the Temanite accuses Job of guilt, asserting that God only punishes the wicked.

We know that’s true, but judgment doesn’t always happen when we want it—right now, in the physical realm, where we can see it. Furthermore, we can see with our own eyes, as Job did, that bad things happen to good people.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #10: Job 25-31

Job and his three friendsWE REACH the conclusion of what reads like the trial of Job by his friends as Bildad delivers a very short speech, his third, followed by Job’s eloquent and impassioned closing statement. We examine some interesting contrasts today, as Job asserts the power of Yahweh over that of other Ancient Near Eastern deities with references to Rahab (the Canaanite god Yam), Baal, and Abaddon.

Remember — we begin something new this week as we will celebrate communion at the end of this episode, so if you can, be prepared with your own version of the bread and the wine.

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