Gilbert House Fellowship #251: Job 28-33

JOB DELIVERS what is essentially his closing argument, recalling the days when his life was blessed, a respected member of the community, contrasting it with his current situation as one who’s mocked and despised. He asserts his innocence again, and issues another plea for a hearing.

And then chapter 32 opens with a new character entering the scene: Elihu, a young man who’d been listening silently to his elders, unloads on Job and his friends. He’s angry at Job for justifying himself before God, and angry at his friends for accusing Job of sin without being able to answer him.

Here’s the link to the book Derek mentioned: A Biography of the Christian Bible by Doug Woodward.

NOTE: New dates for our tour of Israel! We will lead our next tour through the Holy Land March 25–April 3, 2025, with an optional three-day extension to Jordan featuring visits to Mount Nebo, Wadi Rum, and Petra. Our special guests are Timothy Alberino, Dr. Judd Burton, and Doug Van Dorn!

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  1. Praying for Sam and Nathan Sam may be letting you know that it is time for him to go. Please also pray for a baby named Imogen Rea, who is less than two months old. She has a cancerous brain tumor and is undergoing chemotherapy

  2. In the Bible, silver represents redemption, as a silver shekel was collected as a price of redemption for a male child (see Num 3:44-50). So, could it be that, Job feels if he keeps digging into the darkness, he would find a vein of redemption, as Job seems to understand that God will set an end to darkness?
    Job 30: 1-5 seems to say that he considered his accusing friends’
    fathers as outcasts.
    Job 30:17-31 is the most detailed description of his physical suffering.
    Job 32:2 Elihu was a descendant of Buz, the second son of Nahor, the brother of Abraham (see Gen. 22:20-21).
    Job 33:24 Job knew that this living redeemer (his Mediator) could ransom him from death.

    1. Interesting as a Wound Care nurse we use silver dressing products.

  3. Ch 31 v 29 ‘so that I would wave them a kiss with my hand’. Blowing them a kiss? in worship I guess. ch 3o v 29 ‘Ostrich’ can also be translated as ‘greed’, ch 31 v 19 ‘covering’ can mean garment or ‘vindication’.

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