Gilbert House Fellowship #249: Job 20-24

JOB’S FRIENDS grow increasingly accusatory as we go through the book. This week, we hear the final speeches of Zophar and Eliphaz, who have gone from gently reminding Job that God punishes the wicked to accusing their miserable, suffering friend of mistreating the poor, widowed, and homeless!

We speculate on the role of the accuser (“the satan”) in provoking their aggressive responses to Job, discuss the title of God in these chapters, the Almighty, and again contrast English Bible translations based on the Masoretic Hebrew text with the Septuagint version produced by Jewish religious scholars a thousand years earlier.

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  1. Thank you for your study patterns, obedience I appreciate your due diligence, citing, and looking at different translations for deeper insight. Your voices ate enjoyable to the ear.

  2. Thank you for your beautiful Job study. I learned new meanings of several words & made note in my Bible of same. It was snowing at my home this morning so your study was my church today ! Much love !

  3. Absolute perfect timing! On so many levels! I’ll be listening to this again.

  4. I would like to receive video lessons with audio. How do I sign up for that or where do I go?

    1. Author

      Hi, Sally: Thanks for asking! While we release these through YouTube, these studies are audio only.

  5. Dearest Slugos – thanks for all the research!!!! (and sharing it)
    I have a question for you – but, need to preface it with a few things. First off
    I followed Dr.Chuck Missler since the 90’s (personal updates and the cassette
    era) and Arnold Frucktenbaum (fruit from the fruct), Tom Horn, J.R. Church,
    Gary Stearman, Grant Jeffries etc etc. (it all started with Dr.Ed Vallowe) – his
    teachings 30 years ago on the great pyramids. Well we went with Missler and his tour to Israel in 2009 and I had “a moment” “paradigm shift” at the base of Mt. Hermon at Caesarea Philippi. Chuck didn’t talk about the “gates of hell” but
    we made the connection to the little ‘g’s. That started us on this insatiable quest to know more and more of this topic. You 2 have been the answers to my prayers regarding this quest. Well, I guess I better get to the question I was going to ask. —- According to Arnold F.– Peter answered Jesus when he was asked “and who do you say that I am” — Peter said “YOU Are THE CHRIST, THE SON, OF THE GOD, THE LIVING ONE!” any how after this profession it was recorded that the 3 disciples with Jesus, Moses and Elijah went up on the Mount of transfiguration. Peter then asked if he could make 3 tents (booths) for Jesus, Elijah and Moses? Peter’s request was then tossed aside by the cloud that descended upon them and the Voice spoke. I have been taught that Peter seeing these 3, in the – future Kingdom of Heaven ,(tabernacles) wanted to acknowledge this by making them their booths.(celebrated on tabernacles) NOW for my question::: Could these dolmens seen all around the world, especially in the levant area east of Hermon – could these be “booths” to commemorate the return of the little ‘g’s. I realize that probably most dolmens predate the giving of the law and the feasts. But, Peter, I’m sure was aware of these dolmens? Was Peter wanting to show the pagan world that the true reason for the “booths” had arrived? Peter, of course, was assuming that this was in keeping with the prophecy of Zach.14.- not realizing there would be a gap of 2000 some years between the lines of the Isaiah 61 passage that Jesus read in the synagogue in Nazareth. Is.61:1-2a. Maybe this connection is “a stretch” , but, thought it can’t hurt to ask. Blessings from Wyoming
    from, K but not Baxter’s replacement

  6. Listening to Eliphaz’s last speech is like listening to the Fake News! Lies twisted and bent to form an entirely new story. Eliphaz and his cohorts are completely blinded to their own insanity.

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