Gilbert House Fellowship #252: Job 34-37

ELIHU CONTINUES his rebuke of Job, refuting the older man’s arguments and then encouraging him to repent. As Elihu concludes his discourse by describing the thunder of God’s voice and the “golden splendor” of His “awesome majesty”—a hint of what’s to come when God arrives in a whirlwind in chapter 38.

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  1. I’m currently listening to this weeks episode on the teaching of Job and I must agree with Sharon that the book of Job is very poetic, but not just poetic in language but an actual imagery of the Lords majestic way. The English language doesn’t hardly begin to describe the wonders of his word… thank you and God bless your work again.

  2. I am so relieved and thrilled to hear that Sam T has rallied! This is proof positive that the prayers of God’s righteous availeth much!

  3. Interesting that a wind from the wilderness brought destruction and death to Job’ s children, and here in chapter 38, the voice of the Lord will bring restoration from a whirlwind! One wind destroys; the other wind restores.

  4. Wow in the opening the mysterious account of Job comes in a new light. Overlay the story of Job with account of the Gospel I believe Job was a prophetic account righteous taking iniquity as Jesus was without sin received all punishment that should be given to the wicked and after Jesus was resurrected as Job after remaining faithful; was restored in the end being blessed greater then all the blessing with which he had been previously blessed

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