Gilbert House Fellowship #4 – Genesis 7-9

WE PICK up the story of Noah just before the waters of the Flood sweep over the land. We compare the biblical account of the Flood with the Mesopotamian epics featuring Atra-Hasis, Utnapishtim, and Ziusudra. Was Noah a Sumerian king? And why, after the Flood, was Noah so angry with Ham that he cursed Ham’s son, Canaan?

Further reading: See Peter Goodgame’s intriguing studies The Giza Discovery, in which Peter equates the biblical Nimrod with the Sumerian king Enmerkar and the first Egyptian pharaoh, Narmer, and then makes the case that this person is to be identified as the Egyptian god Osiris.  We also recommend Peter’s excellent essay Against World Powers: A Study of the Judeo-Christian Struggle in History and Prophecy, which explains the Genesis 6 event as one battle in the ongoing rebellion against Yahweh by members of the Divine Council.  These will factor into our discussion next week of the Tower of Babel incident.

Also see this map that shows the limits of the ancient kingdom of Urartu (Ararat).


  1. I left my home church a month ago. I watch you every day on roku and don’t miss any program on Skywatch. I also read every book that comes out by Skywatch. Now that I am home on Sundays and I am retired. I really enjoy
    Your bible study and blog. Every morning, I watch the older blogs. It makes such more sense the sons of God and Noah Ark. I am going to see the Ark in two weeks so I am trying to learn all I can. I been a Christian for over
    40 years and have studied under great teachers, but still they don’t explain all that you are saying. The time is right for all this information to come out. Why are churches not teaching it. God bless

  2. Ararat means “the curse reversed”.
    The ark rested 7th month 17th day, which is the Feast of Firstfruits, the same day as Jesus’s resurrection.

  3. There are some Jewish rabbis that believe when Noah was drunk that Canaan performed a sex act upon Noah, and if so, what time elapsed that Canaan was born in order to do this? Or did Canaan perform a sex act on Noah’s wife?

  4. Addendum to my previous post: some Jewish scholars believe Canaan cohabited with Noah’s wife, and that is why he was cursed. They think Canaan was about 15 years of age when this occurred.

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