Gilbert House Fellowship #288: Exodus 38-40

Replica of the Tabernacle at Timna, Israel

THE CONSTRUCTION of the tabernacle is the focus of this week’s study—although, as usual, we follow some rabbit trails that lead us to other parts of the Bible.

We compare the number of stones in the high priest’s ephod to the precious stones covering the rebel in Eden, as described in Ezekiel 28. That led us to another discovery—namely, that the Septuagint and some modern English translations, such as the New English Translation (NET), distinguish between the rebel (Satan) and the “guardian cherub,” unlike the ESV and the King James Bible, which identify the rebel as the guardian cherub. See Ezekiel 28:14-16, and compare translations at BibleHub.

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  1. Mr. Gilbert, I live in Springfield I’ll drive down to Crain, I want to buy your book Giants, Gods, & Dragon’s. We can meet somewhere there in Crane & I’ll buy your dinner I got a couple questions I would like to ask you. Or you drive to Spfd. I’ll buy you the biggest steak in Spfd. Thanks I enjoy your work! James

  2. what do you think about the circular/ yurt type of tabernacle that been proposed on some webites… i.e Andrew Hoy – Project 314 Round Tabernacle.

    I think he may have something

      1. Thanks Derek.. I missed that one. I will review it after your current post for this week.

      2. Thanks for that Derek.. I missed that one. I will review it after your current post for this week

        Enjoying your podcasts

  3. No priest ever had to be pulled out of the Holy of Holies, it never happened because they were serious about their walk with Him. The High Priest’s garments make up the ar mour or God not the pagan one of the Roman soldier. Evidence for this can be found on a few pages on the internet.

    1. Author

      Hi, Alexandra,

      We know from the Bible that some high priests weren’t entirely right with God. Eli, for one.

      And I will have to respectfully disagree on the whole armor of God. The high priest wore a turban and a crown, not a helmet, nor did he carry a sword or shield.

  4. I see you are going to start Lev. 1 next time. In the chronological bible I have, it goes to Numbers 7, 8, 9 before Leviticus. It has to do with the offerings of the dedication on the day Moses set up the tabernacle. Do you suppose chronological readings are not uniform? Not quite sure how to say it. Thanks for you study, always enjoy.

  5. Thank you, for all your work you and Sharon do on here. Plus all the books and shows. You both feel like family to me now.

    God bless you,
    Looking forward to your new books

  6. The ancient symbol of 30 comment made me think of the Om symbol.

  7. Went back to the Bunker and Andrew Hoy interview. Have heard this theory before, but Andrew explains from an engineering perspective. I ordered the book The House of El Shaddai God’ s Dwelling Place Reconsidered.
    Excellent as usual. Thank You Gilbert Family

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