Gilbert House Fellowship #241: Job 1

William Blake’s illustration of Job 1 from his 1826 book Illustrations of the Book of Job. Click to enlarge.

JOB HAS become a symbol for patient suffering in the face of overwhelming adversity, but there’s a lot more to his story than that.

This week, we begin our study of one of the most fascinating books of the Bible. We discuss the historical context of Job, the significance of Job’s probable homeland east of the Jordan River, our glimpse at the workings of the divine council, and the role of the satan in the council—because Satan wasn’t a proper name in the Old Testament.

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  1. Thank you for NOT saying, “Remember, bad things happen for a reason!” Something which many Christians in ever-widening circles are exclaiming is THE “the point” to be taken from the Book of Job.

  2. Thanks for my first time here. I liked it very much.

  3. I learn so much about the Bible from you two brilliant people. The knowledge you have is outstanding. I today watched Martin Willis’ interview of Derek about UFO’s. Derek did an excellent job. I think Martin was impressed. Derek presented his belief in the Bible, God, and Jesus so intelligently that if I wasn’t already a Christian, I would be. Thank you, Derek, and God bless you and Sharon.

  4. I am so enjoying the app! I’ve been listening to episodes all day long while I work and enjoy the prayer times! I fell like y’all are sitting in my office with me having a Bible study.

    I made my way thru eveything I could find of Justin Faull & the 4th Watch a few years back then found Sky Watch! Love the 5 in 10 best news for quick Biblical world view!!! And SciFri —- absolutely love listening to your wife – she is brilliant & funny & I cant wait to read her books! Can’t afford them yet; but I’ve got them on my Christmas wish list!!! Started going Thru the Naked Bible podcasts & am learning soooooo much that I’ve NEVER heard taught in churches & I’ve attended some really strong churches! Dr Heiser & all of his resources have been informative but I feel like I have to read thru them a couple times just so full of information!!! I can’t wait to retire!l & have more Bible study time!!!! 🙂 thank you for all you do!!!!

  5. Long ago, God began waking me up at 4 each morning with the command, “Go read Job.” After a few weeks of this boring chore, I noticed a footnote about Job’s self pity. I had always noted only Job’s patience til then, but this set me off on a new journey. As I read Job many more times, I saw that his words came from a bitter heart that God would do this to him after all he had done for God. It can be found in his words, and his self pity reveals it. But the entire purpose of this trial was to bring Job out of that bitterness iniquity to a healed heart. So right from the Bible’s start, we are shown the ways of God, how He sends trials to us with the purpose of delivering us from an iniquity in our soul. satan is a tool to accomplish this and other iniquities of our hearts. After going through many of these trial episodes, I now write extensively about this and other subjects.

  6. I’m looking to hook up with the Holy Warriors God’s Army for information about my enemy. I am a holy Warrior but need factual current information about all I’m going to face to be ready and stand against it! Please email me back. Thank you and God bless Gerald tumbleson

    1. I have articles and books at paidionbooks. org (no space) that give a lot of needed info on how the dark side attacks us. Most are free to read on the site. He also handles my books. My latest book is titled, “Seek First the Kingdom of God,” (but where is it?) This booklet shows Bible things often missed by many.

  7. As one who suffers with chronic pain it is so hard to think that the Lord would ever allow such tragedy to happen to one of his faithful. I love your studies and listen to them all the time. I’m so waiting to be restored like Job was. So hope to make it until our Savoir comes to take us home

  8. Do you think the Lord makes us sick to try to help us learn something? It would be devastating to think so. It would be hard to love a Heavenly Father that would lett tragedy befall us. It breaks my heart

    1. At most, if not all churches, we are taught to pray trials off ourselves. But perhaps the trials are to wake us up to seek Jesus directly, rather than safe info from following seminary taught preachers. Jesus told us that those who follow Him will partake in His suffering. I went His route, and indeed it was suffering as the enemy tried his best to turn me off the Path. But now, I would not give up having gone through it for anything, not for the whole world.

      1. Author

        Amen! This is not an easy path, but it’s the right one.

  9. I heard about Gilbert House Fellowship thru your teaching Unraveling Revelation on SkywatchTV. Thank you for sharing. I have heard the story of Job numerous times growing up in a Christian home, school, etc. But…you bring meat to eat at the table and I appreciate it. Can’t wait to read your books…already on order…and play catch up with your teachings. Blessings to you both ~Lori

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