Gilbert House Fellowship #240: Genesis 11:10-26

AFTER THE construction of Tower of Babel, the descendants of Noah spread across the earth. This week, we discuss the descendants of Shem, since it’s from his line that the Lord brought forth His Messiah.

We also discuss the days of Peleg, whose name means to cleave or divide. What caused the breakup of the land masses of the earth in ancient times? Was it linked to the punishment of the Watchers who descended to Mount Hermon and were punished by being thrust down to Tartarus (2 Peter 2:4)?

Note the serpent-shaped mound about 1/4 mile north of Gilgal Refaim on the Golan Heights. Click image for larger version.

Here is the image of the Serpent Mound of Bashan we mentioned during the program. It’s three times longer and four or five times higher than the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio! Derek recorded a podcast episode about the mound with Doug Van Dorn, author of Giants: Sons of the Gods and the man who first noticed it, and Dr. Judd Burton, author of The Nephilim Dossier. Click here for the notes and audio.

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  1. God Culture “Flood Series” (Youtube)- divide means to geographically divide up the earth, as in assigning different parts of the earth to Noah’s descendants.
    See Jubilees (Book of Divisions). I think this is a very coherent interpretation that coincides well with Dr. Heiser’s emphasis on geographic underpinnings of the “giants” and Joshua’s interactions with the people’s of the “other gods” in taking The Land.
    Love your program!!!!

  2. It’s SO good to hear you again, also so good to see you in Irvine! I’ve started Blood Lies and I really like it!! See you at Stand 2020 if not before!

  3. I love you two! I can’t get enough of your teaching, and your books. Just ordered the latest special from SkyWatch. Sharon, your Red Wing books are awesome🤩May God continue to bless you

  4. Note. The serpent shape is also very defensible. See “star forts”.

    1. Author

      That undoubtedly explains the bunkers at both ends, which we think date from 1967.

  5. According to the Book of Jasher, Noah took 5 years to build the Ark.

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