Gilbert House Fellowship #239: Genesis 11:1-9

Artist’s depiction of the Tower of Babel, the unfinished Temple 1 level at Eridu in southeastern Iraq (click to enlarge).

THE TOWER of Babel was not at Babylon. It was at a place that was at least as important in the spiritual sense: Eridu.

The Sumerians remember Eridu as the first city, where “kingship” was lowered from heaven, and, most important, it’s where the oldest and largest ziggurat in Mesopotamia was located. That was the temple of the god Enki, the E-abzu—the “House of the Abyss.”

It was believed that Enki sent the gifts of civilization to humanity with the apkallu, the Mesopotamian Watchers, angelic beings who were later banished to the abzu by the chief god Marduk. Of course, that’s a twisted version of the biblical account in which the rebellious Watchers were imprisoned by God in Tartarus (2 Peter 2:4; Jude 1:6).

We explain why Babel should not be confused with Babylon, discuss the identity of the historical character the Hebrews called Nimrod, and speculate on why God found the Tower of Babel so offensive that He personally intervened to stop it.

Here is a link to Derek’s article on Babel, an excerpt from his 2017 book The Great Inception.

And here is a link to the translation of the poem Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta, which we think holds clues to what really happened on the plains of Shinar.

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  1. Wow! Fascinating discussion about the old gods and our world today. Truly there is nothing new under the sun.

  2. JOY. JOY. JOY. JOY. JOY!!!!!
    This is one of the GREATEST emotions I take away from your Bible Study. I have NO IDEA how you both met but am eternally grateful that GOD intended your union. Thank you for all you both do. FYI: Sharon, your “Original Pyramid Scheme” is priceless! I would say that after the language confusion was sent by GOD, (brain freeze…) ruler was coined “Original Village Idiot”!!

  3. At about 12:26 you discussed the power in words and my mind went to Proverbs 18:21 and wondered if this could be a link to understanding that subject.
    Thank you both for taking the time to do this, I started my quest to find the truth of things about 3 years ago and your programs are a big help. I feel like I am part of a Christian community when I listen.

    1. Author

      Thank you! Yes, Proverbs 18:21 is a good verse to keep in mind, especially for parents. We don’t realize the power our words have on our children.

  4. Thank you, Derek and Sharon, for your research and hard work in producing these studies. Lots of information to take in. I had to laugh at “make Babylon great again!” Another “Derekism” or maybe a “Freudian slip” or even prophetic?
    Praise be to our Lord for for your anointing and service in His Kingdom.

  5. Thank you for all you do.
    Could you please post a link to the article you mentioned about the Sahara region?

  6. Thanks be to God for your encouraging speech.

  7. Thank you thank you for all the two of you do. Wish I could remember these things. I love listening and following along with you with my Bible.
    I got caught up today on Chapter 10 and 11.
    Prayers and hugs to you.

  8. I would love your opinion on the “Golden Age” do you consider that when the Watchers descended to Hermon and ruled or an age that is spoken of in Genesis 1 Tohu wa-Bohu that God was cleaning up after?

    This has always baffled me…
    Thanks so much, enjoying this greatly, my only disappointment is we can’t interject and discuss. God bless y’all.

    1. Author

      Hi, Betsy: That would be the period between the Watchers’ descent on Mount Hermon and the Flood.

  9. This topic is so fascinating, especially the way you two present it. Totally enjoy the depth of knowledge and exploration here. Thank you for sharing your dialogue with the rest of us!

  10. Thanks Derek Gilbert,

    Great study. As a mental health professional, I see the spiritual battle from very close… stay strong !

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