Gilbert House Fellowship #214: Daniel 12

PHYSICAL RESURRECTION is an aspect of Bible prophecy that’s not often discussed.

Today, we link Daniel 12:2-3 to Isaiah 26:13-19, Ezekiel 39:11, Matthew 27:52-53, and 1 Corinthians 15:51-52 to show how the prophets and apostles understood not only that we will be physically resurrected someday, but that the Rephaim — i.e., the spirits of the Nephilim (yes, them again) — will be “blocked” from this resurrection.

Click here for more information on David W. Lowe’s excellent book Earthquake Resurrection.

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4 Responses to Gilbert House Fellowship #214: Daniel 12

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  2. Sal

    I am reading the ” Last Clash of the Titans” this is the first time I’ve read one of your books after seeing you on “The Jim Bakker Show” I have to admit that I am struggling with the way it is written. In my opinion it was not written for the average reader, I am having a hard time understanding it and have to look up a lot of the words to comprehend what is stated in the chapter, and some words are not there in the college dictionary I’m using, for what ever reason. The topic was very interesting but to me very complicated. I admit I don’t know mythology and it’s all running into each other. With God’s help I will read it all.

  3. Arleen Cavanaugh

    I’m reading Last Clash of the Titans also and I am so thankful for Derek Gilbert’s gift of understanding to me. I started praying for understanding two years ago and was led to SkyWatchTV and Derek Gilbert. I will need to read it again but author Gilbert connects the dots so well and often this is becoming a reference book to me. Thank you to the Gilbert’s and their dedication to spreading truth about the Word.

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