Gilbert House Fellowship #215: Ezra 1-6; Psalm 137

THE PROPHESIED return of the exiles from Babylon is the focus of our study today.

Map of exiles return routes
Routes of the exiles who returned to Jerusalem from Babylonia (click to enlarge)

Under the leadership of Zerbbabel, who led the first group back to Jerusalem in 538 B.C., and with the encouragement of the prophets Haggai and Zechariah, the temple was rebuilt in 515 B.C. We discuss the return of the people and the overwhelming emotions of the elders who wept when they saw the foundation of the new temple — something they probably didn’t think they would live to see.

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7 Responses to Gilbert House Fellowship #215: Ezra 1-6; Psalm 137

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  2. connie

    i enjoyed this bible study so much today….thank you Derek and Sharon….

  3. Sabby Montenegro

    Hi GHF, do you have any plans to Live stream, or have video of fellowship on youtube? Thank you for your fellowship.

    • derek

      Hi, Sabby: Thank you for asking! We have discussed it, but the amount of time required for video editing and processing is more than we have available right now. It is possible, though, that we might do it someday.

      • Sabby

        Oh, darn. Well I understand the technical issues. But I’m going to cast my vote for a Livestream one day. No editing needed for that and we could be there in realtime like a fellowship. Bless you both and Merry Christmas.

  4. Denise Duell

    If and when you commit these archives to disk, mp3 or otherwise, we will definitely want to get a full set. It’s a great idea.

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