Gilbert House Fellowship #213: Daniel 11

THE END of the 11th chapter of Daniel reads like a prophecy of the wars of Antichrist. Since the first 35 verses of that chapter are a prophecy of wars that were over the Holy Land in the two centuries before the birth of Jesus, concluding with Antiochus IV and his abomination of desolation, this analysis makes some sense.

We revisit last week’s study of Daniel 11:1-35, and then spend the rest of the study on the last ten verses of the chapter. In a nutshell, they appear to foretell a war that brings the Antichrist to power in Israel, where he will be welcomed as a savior.

We also speculate on the identity of the Antichrist figure called the “king of the north,” the “gods of his fathers,” the “one beloved by women,” the “god of fortresses” he serves, and even on the role of Islam in Daniel’s vision of the end times. 

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  1. Thank You Sharon and Derek,
    You both do a great job in breaking down the scriptures, and I really appreciate your hard work. This really helps as my Bible Study Group is going through Revelations right now.
    I realize how much work it takes to make a show. (I spent my career (40 years) in the movie, and tv business. I listen every week. I also enjoy you on Sky Watch TV. BTW, I never miss 5 in 10 .
    I’m retired and live in Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii. If your ever out here please let me know and I would love to meet you and treat you to a great local spot for whatever food you might enjoy. We have great fresh food in Hawaii.
    Thanks Again,
    Bo Ehrig

  2. which bible translation are you using?

    1. Author

      We use the English Standard Version (ESV).

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