Gilbert House Fellowship #188: Lamentations 4-5; Ezekiel 1

Not ancient astronauts

EZEKIEL DID not see a spacecraft. Those who think he did are mistaken.

We conclude our study of the Book of Lamentations, which describes the desperate conditions of those in Jerusalem at the time of its destruction by Babylon. We note the parallel between “kings of the earth” in Lamentations 4:12 and Canaanite texts that refer to the “Rephaim of the earth” (i.e., a possible reference by Jeremiah to spirits of the evil dead).

Then we begin our study of Ezekiel with the account of Ezekiel’s Wheel. Contrary to the belief of many in the UFO community, Ezekiel wasn’t witness to an ancient spaceship. In our modern age, we simply don’t recognize divine throne room imagery that would have been recognized not only by Ezekiel, but anyone living in Mesopotamia 2,600 years ago.

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  1. Wow! At 3:45this morning and I heard the Lord say get up and read revelation chap. 6 through 11. Then he lead me to read Ezekiel chap. 16 through 19. But when I read Ezekiel all in my spirit I felt it was talking about America and her sins. Then once I finish reading them all and I just let it all sink in then out of no where I just heard the word “WAR. That was my confirmation about what I have been feeling and the urgency to get my final preps in order. Because I already know that many on the block I live on will need help. Thank you for this word.

    1. Sorry but how is that you can be sure that it was God talking to you? It could be your vivid imagination or maybe evil spirits? Just wondering how do you conclude it was Almighty God Himself talking in audio to direct you? I mean this is extraordinary claim that we don’t see often even in the Bible. Also I see you were given a warning of a war ahead… back in 2018. Now if it was “pestilence” I would be more convinced but instead it was war which until May 2021 did not happened. So… I guess it would be good to question your claims about audio messages you receive from alleged divine source. We do have Holy spirit but I doubt He usually operates in a way you describe. Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” To have such a miracle as hearing audio directions from God for me would be quite similar to seeing Jesus. I conclude that it is something that very rarely happens and probably has seized since we do have Word of God in form of Bible and are supposed to read it and live by it led by the Holy Spirit that dwells in each one of us. Of course it can happen but I doubt it was the case with you.

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