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Gilbert House Fellowship #189: Ezekiel 2-4

THE TRUE test of prophets is whether they have “stood in the council of YHWH to see and hear His word.” (Jer. 23:18)

This week, we discuss the calling of Ezekiel and God’s first commands to the prophet — to prophesy to “a rebellious house,” the scattered people of Israel, and to do so in a rather unpleasant way.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #188: Lamentations 4-5; Ezekiel 1

Not ancient astronauts

EZEKIEL DID not see a spacecraft. Those who think he did are mistaken.

We conclude our study of the Book of Lamentations, which describes the desperate conditions of those in Jerusalem at the time of its destruction by Babylon. We note the parallel between “kings of the earth” in Lamentations 4:12 and Canaanite texts that refer to the “Rephaim of the earth” (i.e., a possible reference by Jeremiah to spirits of the evil dead).

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