Gilbert House Fellowship #25: Exodus 16-21

mannaTHE ISRAELITES escaped the hand of Pharaoh, but now they’re in the desert wilderness and tempers are growing short.  How long before they start complaining?

We also discuss the Ten Commandments, the battle in front of Baal-Zaphon and the final battle for Yahweh’s holy mountain, and more references to the Divine Council.

See Cris Putnam’s excellent five-part article Armageddon: The OT Background to the Battle for the Cosmic Mountain. See also this paper by Dr. Michael S. Heiser, The Divine Council and Biblical Theology.


  1. Hello..just started listening to your archives at work..then i lost my right foot so now i get to listen from home now!.Anyway..the jar of this the jat they say is inside the Ark of the Covenant? your style of teaching..

  2. The men had both shorts and a tunic under their outer garments. Like a.Thief in the Night was when the High Priest would inspect whether the priest in charge of the alter fire was awake. If the priest was asleep, and the fire gone out, the High Priest would take of the man’s outer garments, which included his prayer shawl. The man would then run home ‘naked’ and in shame.

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