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Gilbert House Fellowship #28: Exodus 32-36

GoldCalfTHE ISRAELITES were an impatient bunch, weren’t they? They saw the flames on the mountain and heard the thunder, indicating the presence of Yahweh, but they still insisted that Aaron create an idol for them to worship before Moses returned with the Tablets of the Testimony.

The incident of the golden calf at Mount Sinai, the presence of the Angel of Yahweh on the mountain, and the theology of the Name will be part of our study.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #26: Exodus 22-26

Tissot_Moses_and_Joshua_in_the_TabernacleOur weekly Bible study continues (live this week, we hope) with the 22nd chapter of Exodus. This is where Moses begins to receive the Law from Yahweh and instructions on how to build the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant. Like most things in the Bible, it’s a lot more interesting when you start digging into the details!

Because it’s the first Sunday of the month, we will celebrate communion with you, so be ready with wine or juice and unleavened bread or a cracker.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #25: Exodus 16-21

mannaTHE ISRAELITES¬†escaped the hand of Pharaoh, but now they’re in the desert wilderness and tempers are growing short. ¬†How long before they start complaining?

We also discuss the Ten Commandments, the battle in front of Baal-Zaphon and the final battle for Yahweh’s holy mountain, and more references to the Divine Council.

See Cris Putnam’s excellent five-part article Armageddon: The OT Background to the Battle for the Cosmic Mountain. See also this paper by Dr. Michael S. Heiser, The Divine Council and Biblical Theology.


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