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Gilbert House Fellowship #91: Matthew 19-21, Mark 10


Camel in front of the “needle gate” at Nazareth

MARRIAGE AND divorce can be sensitive topics, so it’s no wonder the scribes and Pharisees tried to use them to trip up Jesus. As with every encounter between them, however, Jesus turned the tables and discredited his antagonists.

We discuss the request by James and John to sit at Jesus’ right hand in his kingdom, the cursing of the fig tree, Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and several well-known parables, including the rich young ruler, the laborers in the vineyard, and the parable of the tenants.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #48: Deuteronomy 22-25

yoked-donkey-and-oxGOD’S STANDARDS of morality as revealed in His word are a lot more egalitarian than skeptics will admit. Today we discuss God’s instructions for caring for the poor, widows, and orphans, and we go into some depth on marriage, divorce, and gender roles for men and women.

Note chapter 22 of Deuteronomy. Skeptics love to point to this chapter for examples of the barbaric nature of Yahweh. They prove nothing except that anyone can take passages out of context (especially by ignoring the New Covenant in Christ) to make a point.

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