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Gilbert House Fellowship #269: Genesis 38-40

Reconstruction of statue found at Avaris. Could this be Joseph?

IF THE Bible had truly been edited to make the apostles, prophets, and patriarchs look better, chapter 38 of Genesis would have disappeared centuries ago.

This week, we discuss the unseemly episode of Judah’s relationship with his daughter-in-law, Tamar, by whom he fathered Perez, an ancestor of Jesus.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #48: Deuteronomy 22-25

yoked-donkey-and-oxGOD’S STANDARDS of morality as revealed in His word are a lot more egalitarian than skeptics will admit. Today we discuss God’s instructions for caring for the poor, widows, and orphans, and we go into some depth on marriage, divorce, and gender roles for men and women.

Note chapter 22 of Deuteronomy. Skeptics love to point to this chapter for examples of the barbaric nature of Yahweh. They prove nothing except that anyone can take passages out of context (especially by ignoring the New Covenant in Christ) to make a point.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #19: Genesis 37-42

joseph_soldOUR VIRTUAL house fellowship continues with our study of the book of Genesis. We begin at chapter 37, picking up the story of Joseph, his sale into slavery by his brothers and rise to prominence in Egypt, with an interlude that gives us the story of the foundation of the tribe of Judah.

Joseph statue

Computer recreation of statue found at Avaris — was this Joseph?

Here is the link to the WND article about the possible discovery in Egypt of a statue of  Joseph. Here’s the official website for the film Patterns of Evidence, and here is a link to the Wikipedia article about Amenemhat III, identified by Egyptologist David M. Rohl as the pharaoh during Joseph’s tenure as vizier.

This link takes you to a YouTube video of an excerpt from a lecture by David Rohl about the excavation at the ancient city of Avaris that he believes was the tomb and the statue of Joseph.

And here is a link to the page at Amazon.com for Rohl’s book Pharaohs and Kings: A Biblical Quest.

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