Gilbert House Fellowship #233: Genesis 3:8-4:16

FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS have been messed up for millennia because of what happened in Eden.

This week, we discuss the consequences of eating the forbidden fruit, taking a deep dive into Genesis 3:16, a difficult passage that suggests husbands and wives have been cursed by sin to struggle with one another for control.

Then we talk about the curse directed at the serpent and explain why it has more to do with the Mesopotamian concept of the netherworld than why snakes don’t have legs. (Snakes never had legs.) We also deal with the old “serpent seed” heresy, which is debunked simply by reading Genesis 4:1. Cain was the son of Adam, not Satan.

Finally, we discuss the murder of Abel, speculating that at least one fallen entity whispered to Cain to encourage the shedding of his brother’s blood.

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  1. Do you have a DVD yet on your recent trip to Israel: Part 2 of the Titans travel DVD from last year? I really enjoyed that.

    Pastor Ruth

    1. Author

      Hi, Ruth: Thanks for asking! Not yet–I’m still sorting through the video and photos we collected on the tour. It should be ready by October.

  2. Dear Derek and Gilbert,

    I’ve found your podcast by the links of dr. Michael Heiser.
    Thank you for you efforts to bring and deepen the Truth about our Lord.
    I appreciate your shows that bring so many explanations of questions that I’ve been putting for all of my life. I was always interested in mythology and I was deeply disappointed by the speculation that all religions have the same (esoteric …) root. I live in Slovenia, east Europe, I was born in Italy and I was lost in between a watered-down Chatolicism and the New age movement. I’m an art teacher, so I can bring some of (simplified) meaning of symbols in art history to my pupils. I would be glad if I could translate some of your texts into Slovenian language, as I’ve translated dr. Michael Heiser’s book The Supernatural.
    Let the Lord bless you both for sharing your insights,

    Marisa Monti

    1. Author

      Thank you! We are honored — especially to be mentioned in the same context as Dr. Heiser!

      Are you thinking of full books, or shorter articles that might be useful?

      1. Dear Sharon and Derek,

        I’m very glad that you answered me so soon.
        I propose that we could begin with some shorter texts. Please choose one and send it to me to my e-mail address.
        First, I have to tell you sincerely, I was trying to introduce Dr. Michael Heiser’s book to Slovenian believers, but the results are gloomy. I wrote to the Bishop of the Lutheran Church – no response. I tried with the Superintendent of the Slovenian Pentecostal Church – no response.
        In one year, I found only one person, my colleague at school, that had shown any interest in the Divine Concil and other fascinating topics.
        Well, the Slovenian translation of the Supernatural is waiting for someone to pick it up on Dr. Heiser’s internet page.
        I have to tell you, I would do any of translations gratis for sure. It would be a wonderful collaboration for the Lord.
        My English isn’t excellent, as you’ve surely noticed, but I don’t have problems with translations into Slovenian language.

        Please think about how could your texts reach Slovenian believers. I’m not attending to any church, unfortunately. Long story short, believers can be really dedicated to the Lord, as Sharon noticed in your recent show, but the institutions are turning new-age.

        I’m waiting for your answer and for your next show
        – I admire your dedication, your explanations are wonderful!
        God bless you,

        Marisa Monti

  3. Venerating the ancestors = Day of the Dead (Mexico).

  4. Many say that this where the snake lost its legs. I believe the snake never had legs. These passages and changes that take place to this deceiving serpent is not a snake but perhaps a legged creature that is cunning and intelligent. What is our best guest as to the species? Can they still be found today?

    Also Mr. Gilbert,
    I’m writing a very high level project that I would like to make it into a book, you gave me the idea along with Marzulli, Tom Horn, again Derek Gilbert (big fan), Irvin Baxter, and so many others that are just leaps and bounds beyond my education in the Lord. But that said, the Lord has given me great understanding and the ability to put in words.
    I’m working on my book now that will touch on most all fringe topics of the Bible as I call them. Of course not into the depth that y’all can. Unless y’all want to help me, I would be so honored and, and I really wouldn’t know what to say if y’all touch out to me and helped.
    It really is a scratch on the surface of these topics and my goal is to spark the interest in those people that I pray in return will begin their own descent into heavy research to learn of nephilim, satan’s final play for power, not to fall for the mark of the beast, how to seek out true Christian strongholds that may need to go underground. Don’t buy into: take this chip, marker, DNA enhancer and all problems will go away. That will be very hard to do with your only child starving.
    I don’t think we need to go full out Rambo survival tactics but we need to be sorry not be, we need to learn now how to depend on our skills and most of important aspects, God’s rules and abilities to prepare and provide us.

    Look, I’m just an oil field supervisor over operations/production so I can get more supplies and fuel you need. I need help on cash for other products and needs like climate clothes, shelter, water purification, storable food, tools/supplies, baby needs, medical/health issue material.

    I can get some items from the oil industry, medical supply but limited and other miscellaneous items but we need great help for what’s coming soon.

    Do you agree or am I crazy? If you do, please let’s try to partner up as Christians on this and build a small trustworthy group. ASAP

  5. There are fossils of very long, large, snake bones showing it had legs. Those fossils are considered to be extremely old. It might have been an entirely different reptile and not actually a snake. It might have been a type of snake back in the day. But, and I’m no authority, it might have been pre-adamic, or at the very least, pre-Noah’s flood. But that doesn’t mean that the snake in the garden, that “spoke”, was a snake as we know snakes. Even if some types of pre-historic or ancient snake varieties had legs of some kind, doesn’t explain a snake speaking to Eve. There is no proof, that I can find, that a snake could ever speak. That should lead us to ask what the “serpent” really was. A serpent that had an agenda to lead mankind away from God by defying God’s command to them. An animal had no reason to do that. It was Eden for them too.

  6. What is the difference between fallen angels and demons? Thank you

    1. Fallen angels are angels that rebelled against God.
      Demons are disembodied spirits. They are a cross between fallen angel and human women. (Genesis 6) They are neither all angel or all human, and are a genetic, spiritual, perversion of creation.

  7. Listening from South Africa. Love u guys.

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