Gilbert House Fellowship #231: Genesis 1:20-2:9

GARDENS WERE not just for growing vegetables in the ancient world.

This week, as we study days five through seven of Creation Week, we discuss the spiritual significance of gardens in the ancient world and their connection to the cult of divinized ancestors, especially dead kings—in other words, the mighty men who were of old.

We also discuss the identity of the “we” and “us” whose image we bear, the importance of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and dig into the original Hebrew behind English words like “sea creatures,” “birds,” and “breath of life.”

Here’s the link to the article on the purpose of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil Derek mentioned during the study.

Richard Shaw, the award-winning director of Beat the Drum, the Torah Codes film, Gaza, The Watchers series and much more passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly on June 20th, 2019.

Because of Richard’s sudden passing, we’re asking for your help in supporting his wife, Mary. Click here for the GoFundMe page set up by L. A. Marzulli.

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  1. The ancient Celts also had myths of flying dragons (often referred to now as a griffin). Interesting that ancient cultures often had the same or similar stories – often predicated on real creatures. I appreciate your analysis and commentary!

    Tim and Nancy Jones (from our 2018 Israel trip)

  2. There is a house in Prague, The Czech Republic, that is known as the home of the Golem – a still very popular belief among the Jews who reside in the Jewish quarter of the city.

    T Jones

  3. Thank you. Love the fact that you spoke about animals going to heaven. Love you guys.
    Donny (South Africa)

  4. Thank you. I am new to your studies and am enjoying them very much. So much to learn.

    You mentioned a revival in Lewis area of Lewis and Harris Island. I am interested in learning more. You mentioned getting a book regarding the revival. Can you share the name of the book please. I love hearing and reading about revivals.

    1. Author

      Hi, Beverly! Thanks for your note. The book is Sounds from Heaven by Colin Peckham.

      1. Thank you so much. What a coincidence, I just listened to a testimony by Mary Peckham. Ordered book,

  5. Would it be possible for the Garden of Eden to be part of paradise?

    You two are truly a blessing!

  6. If it was the knowledge was good or evil, eve was ‘deceived’ what does that really mean. Then Adam did it because of his love for what Eve might suffer. Then the fact that GOD is all knowing. HE knew what satan was going to do, was GOD doing this knowing that it was to perfect mankind , “Christ was Crucified before the foundation of the world”. If you buy into the first earth age, gods would have already fallen. I am on the fence, because GOD’s word doesn’t spell it out. I am open and learning and have seen many things in prophecy books Is, Ez. that leave wondering about this.

  7. Just found out about this web-site. Love it!! You guys are awesome!! God bless you all!!

  8. Keep up the GREAT works, Tell Sharon her hair is GREAT

  9. Dear dear Sharon and Derek,
    I love listening to all of your Bible studies. I live with chronic pain and have many many headaches. In the last month I’ve listened to all of the Bible studies way back since 2014. No one in my family is it believer especially my sister that I live with. But I call them all pre believers because you just never know. I just have one request and I say this full of love and respect. Could you possibly stop saying ding ding ding every time you mention dr. Michael Heisner? We are very aware of his wonderful insight. Y’all do not do that with anyone else. In 2014 y’all were not doing that. Derek you have a lovely voice but you say “uhm” alot. When I am binge listening it gets a little hard on the ears. So hope y’all do not find this too critical. I am just asking very nicely. If it were not for you two very sweet people I would be stuck watching Christian TV all the time. I get so tired of the name it claim it blab it grab it theology. It’s a bit heartbreaking. Why am I not healed and they are? You two are my church family 80% of the time. I don’t get to go to my regular Church very often. They study the Bible line per line just like y’all do. Thank you for your Insight and you’re very hard work. I am unable to read much of the time due to headaches. Thank you for helping me understand the precious word that the Holy Spirit gave us through our Saviour and Heavenly Father. Many blessings through Jesus Christ

    1. Author

      Thank you for your kind words and your constructive suggestions, which are taken in the spirit given. We can’t promise on the “ding ding,” but I will do my best to cut down on the “ums.” There again, however, I’ve been working on that since my stint as a daily radio talk show host in 2006 and haven’t kicked that habit yet. 🙂

  10. Hi Derek & Sharon,
    We are getting much from your teaching, sharing and are very pleased that we are starting around from the beginning again. In this lesson and others, you talked a bit about the “dinosaurs”… is it possible that those were the “nephilim” of the animal kingdom (strange flesh) rather than creatures that God made? I would guess that it would also explain why we don’t have them anymore? Perhaps the “extict” animals were not meant to be in God’s original plan? All wonder and speculation! Would be interested in your comments on that idea as well, like why that might not be the case. thank you for all your shows and great teachings! We love you, Brother and Sister!

  11. Sharon mentioned a goddess sunani or something like that. Could you send me that name so I could do some research. Over this past year our son age 42 with 2 lovely young boys, is transitioning. This has been an experience in which God has taken me one baby step at a time. Thought this might shed some light and understanding during this bewildering time.

  12. I also think that God created man out of His own image BEFORE he created Adam and Eve. How does that fit into the scriptures? Were there “other” people on Earth before Adam?

  13. Oooopsssss. What I meant to write is that I think it is interesting that God created man out of His own image (Gen. Gen 1:26) BEFORE he created Adam (Gen 2:8) and Eve (Gen 2:21). Does Gen 1:26 imply that God only had conceptually created man at that point and not physically? Did God create Adam Gen 1:26 conceptually and then PLACED him physically in the garden Gen 2:8?

    1. Author

      Our understanding is that the Genesis 2 account recapitulates Genesis 1. But we are open to the idea that there was a civilization on Earth before Adam, but it may have been angelic rather than human.

      1. Derek,
        Thank you so much for responding so quickly to my email request.
        Normally I am an insignificant piece of trash to my peers.
        To give you an idea of how old I am: I miss the “original ” outspoken,
        ‘says-as-it-is,’ trouble-makers to those who have no concept of
        the real world – politicians. For example, people like Howie Carr,
        Dave Barry, and Scott Adams have been my heroes for the longest time.
        One quick question: I heard on one of your shows, the point mentioned when Jesus was actually born. September 11th was interesting enough, but I could have sworn I heard the idea that Jesus was born XXXXX BC.
        How could Jesus be born before he was born?
        Granted, carbon dating is not as accurate as science portrays it to be. In fact, I think it could be waaayyyy off.

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