Gilbert House Fellowship #230: Genesis 1:1-19

BACK TO the beginning! Today, we begin our study of the Old Testament for the second time, nearly five years after our very first dive into Genesis 1.

We discuss the meaning of various Hebrew words and their implications, and we explain why the first chapter of the Bible isn’t just a creation account, it’s a repudiation of the creation stories told by the cultures of the ancient world.

Join us this Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at Morningside in Blue Eye, Mo. We will be guests on upcoming episodes of The Jim Bakker Show and the recording session is free and open to the public. For more information, log on to

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  1. Thanks again for all the research you do for these fellowships! It was such a wonderful time with you in Israel!!

    1. I get excited to find others who understand all this-yeah!
      Just ordered your latest book Derek. I have always been that person in bible study that says that makes no sense, why would God do that…
      About 10 yrs ago after a car accident while recovering I got a Hebrew Greek lexicon and began to dig , after reading both M Heiser books the Bible made sense. I began doing exactly what your doing here. Thank you, I love to hear other opinions on things!

      I had one thing to say: After looking into this somewhat to me Genesis 1- In the beginning God created the heavens and earth -statement.
      Paraphrasing “ I had to destroy earth to stop evil , because all I create has freewill” the chose bad over good, now I’m re-creating it and I’m going to make this thing called man. In our “all present” image. We are like them but not them. So the actual destruction happens before he begins working. My opinion.

      I’m struggling with Genesis day 6 -for they were told to be hunters and gathers, work the land and populate the earth. While Adam was set aside as special in the garden of God and was given a perfect mate.

      Israel was created the same way. Always separate from the nations and hand picked raised separately from the others.

      Were there two sets of humans created then? The stories and order of things created do not match each other …

      It’s not a salvation issue, but it seems to be that way the more I research it.

      I’m catching up, my husband and I recently moved back to Houston from Dallas and haven’t found a church yet. Y’all are great and we are listening. I grew up with dachshund, I have a Great Dane now. We so appreciate y’all, thank you.

      Love to go on the trip in 2020, if the Antichrist hasn’t arose yet lol
      God bless and thanks again we talk back to y’all with agreements.
      Nodding we yes I agree!

      1. Author

        Hi, Betsy: Thank you for your kind words! We don’t see how the Bible can support the idea that God created two sets of humans. Do you mean another group that was destroyed before the creation described in Genesis 1-2?

    2. Sharon,
      I was brought up in the word, mainly by my grandparents. My parents did get their act together as I was a junior in high school. By that time I had strayed. My point: What brought me back to faith, and into actual fellowship with my Lord Jesus, had to do with the “time doors” of which you spoke here. I think I must have been having a nervous breakdown but I felt like I was moving forward through these doors of time and traveling too fast to even gather myself, as if I was moving across time. Not sure that makes any sense, in fact it makes nonsense, haha. I thought it to be quite interesting to hear someone actually describe the very confusing feelings I felt at that notable time. God was my only escape, and he intervened directly in and saved me. Praise God!!!

  2. We know that Light Is measurable. Calculated as traveling from one point to another. Which then creates a measurable amount of time. It was evening and morning, the first day. Here’s the problem with a “gap” theory beyond what we know from scripture. Paul tells us that a day can be a thousand years and a thousand years can be a day therefore, the “gap” can NOT be longer than 1000 years. Just as it’s been 6000 +\- years since the fall of mankind, it can only stand to reason that creation itself could NOT have been longer than 7000 years.
    ~ my thoughts on the subject.
    P.S. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the reemerging flat earth theory as you continue this study in Genesis.

    1. Ok guys, 6 years from now when you do this again, and you are talking about the moon, you may want to bring up Mohammed and allah.

      1. Author

        Hi, Larry: We will get to that. My new book is all about the spiritual forces behind Islam. I believe it’s more than just the moon-god. -Derek

        1. I am currently reading this book, and about 70% through it, and like his previous books it is AWESOME!

          it might start a little “slow” as he sets up the scholarly basis, but it gets really hard to put down once he really gets going.

          1. Seriously I do want to say, with all of Derik’s books I have read so far, if you struggle with the first few chapters, then really work at it because it is worth it like it is to ride a roller coaster, you work to climb, but then you find you are at the top of a crazy drop that will slowly roll over the top and then you find yourself on a wild and crazy ride that is the very reason you got on the ride itself.

            It is my opinion but all I have read from great inception till Bad Moon Rising has felt like this, I just need to do my diligence to read the scholarly set up and then BAM! huge pay off.

            Maybe I should say something extra…

            I read stuff Dr. Heiser puts in his special folder for subscribers.. they often have ancient languages in original text with no explanation, so that the following content you just have to trust, since we don’t read ancient Egyptian as an example. I also have read Physics publications with equations that you can forget having a clue on unless you are Einstein or Hawkins, yet you can still get the idea of the text…

            I think Derick does a really good job of translating the cryptic equations into our language, so you can at least read them, yet he leaves them in equation form, so you can process them with other ancient texts if your peer reviewing, so that a really good mix of scholar and laymen can learn something from these books.

    2. 2 thoughts that may be pertinent:
      1: Dr. Heiser has done some posts showing that you really cannot argue for a gap theory as it is usually presented based on the hebrew.

      2: some really amazing science has passed peer review that touches on Gen. 1. The reference for the peer review publication that serves as a master review for all of them is, Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy. In it we find that the conclusion of over 300 years, thousands of independent labs, and trillions of points of data; give a near certainty that the universe is about 8100 years old, give or take a few decades. And this is by direct measurements and observations.

      Incidentally, if you are interested, it also talks about how galaxies, solar systems, and planets have been made in the lab in miniature. When you make a solar system, you get the odd order in Gen. 1 of the planet forming from water light and a sound wave, within the first 24 hours, a light source to make a day and night cycle, and then only a few days later does the Sun and population 1 stars form (sun and stars needed for constellations, plus enough light reflecting on the moon to be visible on earth).

      If you need data more lay friendly than peer review physics publications, go to, everything is made available to a high school level there.

      1. Author

        We love the work of Barry Setterfield. I was blessed to speak with him one night. He and his wife graciously sent us a packet of his work. Fascinating!

        1. I know I am not him, and cannot earn essentially 4 PhD’s like him, but I have read everything I can find on his website and publications, so if you have a question, it is not impossible I could refer you to something deep in his website to look at.

          Also… I have listened to you and Sharon at about the same level… so maybe I am insane lol.

        2. Since you responded… I am going to have to ask you this question that has been burning in me for a while that directly relates to your work and studies…

          Have you seen the Disney movie Coco?

          I watch it and I cannot NOT think about what you write about with the Amorite festival to their ancestors… should this inform us about theogeographgy or anything about the past movements of the gods?

          1. Author

            We have not, but we will when it’s available to stream. (And if it is already, then we are remiss.) We’ve heard about it, and you’re right—that ancient ancestor veneration cult has never gone away.

  3. I always enjoy listening to your podcasts. I hope all is well in Marionville. Everything is going well for me in Sioux Falls. Take care, and God bless! 🙂

  4. Isaiah 55:11 Word of God does not return void. Thank you for sharing what He puts on your heart.

  5. Dear Derek & Sharon,

    Thanks for discussing this passage—one which has sparked many different understandings of what its text is telling us. Because I know you love digging into the scriptures and because it’s been my personal privilege to know its authors, I wanted to leave you a link (I hope it posts correctly here!) to a book written by three Christian gentlemen who have both scientific and biblical exegesis training and worked out an amazing harmonization of this passage with modern cosmological theory. The fit is so tight, and the sequence of events in the passage is so scientifically correct, that I think you’ll be very interested to see it yourselves sometime. Here’s the link:

    1. I will preface that I have much sympathy for those who learn science from public education, universities, and popular outlets, since whole fields of science that publish in main stream journals, are totally ignored, even up to the PhD level, and but for the grace of God I would not know of it myself. So I pray that God enables this post to be in love and not just argument.

      One problem with modern cosmological theory, as is popularly taught in universities, is that is mostly ignores a large amount of research and discoveries in 3 major fields of physics that developed and have been publishing in the same journals since Max Plank’s second paper on black body radiation… that was over 100 years ago.

      The best source to update the science would be Barry Setterfield’s monograph, published and peer-reviewed in Natural Philosophy Alliance in 2014, Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy. A lay friendly alternative would be his website,, where a HUGE amount of resources made available to a high school level exists include a lot of discussion questions from high school to peer review criticism exists. Also his youtube videos are excellent.

      Basically, if you set aside the Bible, and just look at the best cosmological science; specifically what develops from actual testable and experimentally reproducible stuff like what happens when you make a miniature solar system in a lab (YES in a LAB!! its awesome we can do this!!) you get a creation order that matches Gen 1 in it’s oddities and even down to the number of hours of a literal 5 day creation (creating humans and resting are not part of astrophysics).

      It gets even better, in June 2018 in Nature, a publication confirmed that all matter in the universe within the first 12 hours post “big bang” started off as a water plasma which then formed the rest of the elements prior to stars forming. Barry has a youtube video just to discuss this work.

  6. Thank you for this excellent study filled with deep insights and accurate exegesis of related scripture and ancient world views. Refreshing water of the word and savory meat to chew on.
    Felt like we were in your living room. Thank you for sharing the Gilbert House.

  7. Hi, I have a question I wish I could ask Dr. Heiser regarding this section that I think you may know enough of his work and scholarly work to at least see if an answer MAY be possible.

    I agree with Dr. Heiser about what he says about paranormal methods of inspiration, and I do agree that there are large Mesopotamian hooks in this sections and other ancient theological concerns. I know it wasn’t meant to teach science. The thing is that based on some really good peer review physics publications, it doesn’t get the science wrong, so how do we process that?

    On Barry Setterfield’s website,, there is a short discussion of what is called the tablet hypothesis. In short, the idea is Gen 1-12 has structure that seems to follow ancient autobiography with the autobiographer signing off with “these are the generations of…” at the end of the writing. If this is true, you suddenly see how all the events in Gen 1-12 happen in the lifetime of whoever signs off the section. This may explain the science accuracy without being about science, since an eye witness can accurately tell what he sees without having to explain how it happened or why, plus if you will note, Gen .1 is signed off by God himself.

    1. Author

      Clearly, I need to read more of Barry’s stuff. Only so many hours in the day!

      1. I would suggest, for maximum efficacy, start off taking 2 hours to watch 2 Youtube videos by Setterfield. 1: Bible and Geology, and 2: earth catastrophes and the time of Job.

        The first because it yields the largest paradigm payout for those thinking about the bible and ancient times, and 2… well I need to see it as of now but based on what he has written on Job so far.. you will really get a lot out of it to use when you get to Job in the Gilbert House Fellowship.

        If you somehow by the grace of God have more time, look up the Dodwell paper’s on his website. They cover a lot of interesting phenomena usually assumed to be fake in the bible that has been proven by Geology.

  8. This is the first post on a new round of awesome GHS… so I just want to say something in general.

    In my church I constantly try to push new couples to come absorb the GHS, because I see a huge value if they do in just being part of an example of godly marriage, with the 2 interacting together in fellowship with scripture, because I just cannot think of anything more valuable for a new couple than doing what you two do here.

    And yeah… I hope they get the content as a side note, and leap forward from there.

  9. Thank you for doing this bible study. I love digging into the word, so I’ve really been enjoying this.
    I found you guys through YouTube and also enjoy your SkyWatchTV program on there.

  10. Amazing! I just felt the Holy Spirit confirming in my heart that’s the kind of nourishment he has for me. I’ve been starving for in depth study of the word of God. Thank you so much for putting this out there and may God bless you two richly

  11. Thank you so much for your ministry. I listen to all that you do Derek & Sharon God bless from Kelly & Peter Lynch.
    Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

  12. I appreciate your willingness to share your revelations from Jesus. I enjoy the way you present it as well. I am curious about evening and morning. From Day One on, each description ends in evening and then morning – without sun and moon, this cannot be the evening and morning we currently understand. Do you have any insight?
    Thank you for your insight and may God continue to bless us all with this wisdom.

    1. Author

      That’s true, and something on which we’d need to do more study.

      1. Hello – Chuck Missler explains this in his series on Genesis (available on YouTube). The Hebrew words used for evening and morning originally meant chaos and order, respectively.
        I so enjoy listening to GHF on my commute each morning and evening. I have read Veneration and all of the Redwing books. I am looking forward to the release of the next Redwing book! Thank you both for your in-depth study and love for the Word.

  13. Gap or no gap. Sharon and Derek are just looking deeply into the Word. Whether we agree with each other or not we all love our Savior. Why not look deeply? I feel we will be studying the Word through eternity. I was thrilled to finally understand who the heavenly council is. Anyone who puts their hand on their hip and says they have it all figured out is just as arrogant as the satan. the satan is just like a male dog – Elohim begins it and the satan can not wait to run over and mark it. Please no more ding ding ding. We know who Dr Mike is. Many Blessings and thank you for your deep study – you are my church family most of the time.

  14. I’ve been trying to listen to the Bible study from the beginning, how do I access #230?

    1. Author

      Hi, Janet: Thank you! It’s here on this page. Click the arrow on the player for the audio.

      1. It doesn’t play for me, would it require an app.?

          1. Thanks for your trouble. It just started playing. I’m using my phone.
            Reading Unseen Realm and was so excited to stumble into(well with God there is no stumbling) upon your Bible study.

  15. I just started listening as I discovered your Unraveling Revelation series this week. I’ve already learned so much and have been blessed! Just to comment on the thought that this could substitute for church. I know many may be frustrated with modern “topical” style preachers. I know it leaves much wanting in terms of being fed the whole meat of the Word of God. But there are quite a few excellent expositional teachers out there and they are all available online now. The balance that works best for me is attending the local church where I feel called to be for fellowship with other believers and topical style teaching (still relevant but not enough in my opinion). I also lead an expositional style Bible study at my church for the book of Revelation using the material of an excellent expositional preacher. I feel that helps fill the gap that I sense at least in a small way. And finally I listen to teaching from various preachers and teachers throughout the week. I feel also that expositional style preaching is different from what you are doing here because it blends the message of salvation and the gospel into the material with insights for living if the preacher is good especially. What you’re doing is so crucial too and necessary but lacks the conviction present in expositional preaching. Some of my favorite preachers are Jeff Thompson of Gospel City Church in Vancouver, Canada, Gary Hamrick, Trey Athey, Dan Plourde in Florida, And Jack Hibbs. There are many more though. Thank you for what you’re doing and sharing!!

  16. Thanks for doing this study. A question: since you like to get nit-picky (good!), have you looked into what “evening to morning, the X day” means? Even a casual critique may determine that the translation into English is missing some significant meaning, because from dusk to dawn is, at most, only half a day.

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