Gilbert House Fellowship #22: Exodus 1-5

moses_burning_bushTHE STORY of Moses begins as our Bible study continues with the Book of Exodus. We look at Moses’ birth, rescue from the river, sojourn in Midian, and his encounter with a bush that burned without being consumed.

We also discuss one of the most puzzling episodes in the Old Testament — an encounter between the Lord and Moses on the way to Egypt that leads Moses’ wife, Zipporah, to call Moses a “bridegroom of blood.”


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  1. I am listening to your Bible study in real time (May 19, 2021). In fact, I have listened to some twice starting in Genesis. This one in particular was such a blessing as you explained God’s wrath on Moses which has always been confusing. I love your Bible studies. Reading the Bible now makes sense. Thank you! 💕 I can hardly wait to get into the New Testament (in real time). God bless you both, your family and Sam T.

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