Gilbert House Fellowship #12: Job 38-42

leviathanOUR STUDY of the Bible continues as we conclude the Book of Job this morning. Talk about your big finish — Yahweh Himself appears to rebuke Job and his three friends, and we get a fascinating description of two creatures usually identified by commentators as the hippopotamus and the crocodile, but we disagree.

The descriptions of Behemoth and Leviathan do not adequately fit hippos and crocs. Behemoth, with its tail like a cedar tree, sounds more like a sauropod than anything else. And Leviathan, “king over all the sons of pride”, is more likely, in our view, none other than Helel ben Shachar, “that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world”.

After Yahweh makes clear to Job that it is not the place of humans to question His ways, Job repents and is forgiven. Yahweh then commands the three friends of Job to offer sacrifices and to ask Job to pray on their behalf. The story of Job concludes with his fortunes not only restored but magnified by Yahweh, and Job lives out his days in peace and surrounded by his family.

Here is a link to E.W. Bullinger’s 1893 book The Witness of the Stars, which you can read for free online. Note: Many Christian scholars today point out that the scholarship on which the Gospel in the Stars is based was faulty and warn against searching for messages in the stars. Since the time of Babylon, the Enemy has popularized the idea of seeking information about the future through astrology, which God forbids (See Deut. 18:10).

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  1. Jonathan Overstreet

    Regarding the larger plants and animals found in the fossil record.

    One theory that I think Sharon would find interesting from a biological point of view is that a lower Zero Point Energy in the past (which affects the speed of light) would have the effect of changing electrical potentials in neuron firing, and affect light emitting atomic function resulting in more photons per second on plant leaves. The nerve changes support much larger body sizes, and plants produce and grow faster with more photons per second.

    Note these effects rely on the Zero point energy being an actual energy, based on SED physics that came out of Max Plank’s second paper, and not QED physics.

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