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Gilbert House Fellowship #254: Job 39-42

Courtesy Brian Godawa (Godawa.com)

LEVIATHAN AND BEHEMOTH are featured this week as God uses them to illustrate the difference between Him and Job. While these creatures are described as possessing almost unimaginable power, they are as pets to our Lord, who made them just as He made us.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #183: 2 Chr 36; Habakkuk

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THE LAMENT of Habakkuk and his vision of supernatural war are the focus of this week’s study.

The prophet, who wrote in the second half of the 7th century B.C. (probably 640-615 B.C.), was shown the destruction coming to the kingdom of Judah from Babylon. But he was also given a vision of God’s victories over chaos — Tiamat, represented by the sea (the god Yamm in Canaanite religion) — and the rebel from Eden, along with a promise of “trouble to come upon the people who invade us.”

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Gilbert House Fellowship #182: Jer 38-40; Psalms 74, 79; 2 Kings 24-25

THE LAST king of Judah, Zedekiah, was obviously more afraid of his countrymen than he was of Nebuchadnezzar — or God, for that matter.

This week’s study covers the last couple years of the kingdom of Judah before Nebuchadnezzar lost patience and destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple altogether. Zedekiah appears to have been sympathetic to Jeremiah, but he was intimidated by nationalist Judeans into continuing their rebellion against Babylon against the warnings of God through His prophet, Jeremiah.

For reference, here is the timeline of the events we’ve been discussing in our last few studies:

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