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Gilbert House Fellowship #190: Ezekiel 5-8

Apkallu with sacrificial goat
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PROPHETIC THEATER is one way to describe the commands Ezekiel received from God. The 430 days the prophet was commanded to lie on his sides with a model of Jerusalem, which was soon to be destroyed by the army of Nebuchadnezzar, were a visual warning of God’s imminent judgment on the idolatrous kingdom of Judah, and of His future punishment of an unbelieving world in the Day of Yahweh.

We also discuss the divine council implications here in the judgment against idols and high places, Ezekiel’s foreshadowing of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Eze. 5:17, 6:12), and a possible reference to the Mesopotamian apkallu (the Watchers) and the Tree of Life in Ezekiel 8:17 (“Behold, they put the branch to their nose”).

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Gilbert House Fellowship #6 – Job 1-5

JobJoin us as we dig into the history and the mystery behind Job and Satan’s desire to test him.

We work through the first five chapters of Job: His history, the misfortune he endures at the hands of the Satan, his lament and desire to curse the day of his birth, and the first rebuke from the three friends who come to see him in his time of trouble as Eliphaz the Temanite, after receiving a message in a frightening dream (that reads like a description of sleep paralysis), rebukes Job for not simply accepting God’s judgment for something Job must have done wrong.

Note: In spite of Derek’s mention of posting a timeline showing where Job falls in Bible history, we have opted against doing so because scholars do not agree on when he lived. It is suggested that he lived prior to Moses because no mention is made of the Exodus and the archaic Hebrew used in the book, but he might be placed anywhere from shortly after the time of Noah to a generation or two after Abraham.


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