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Gilbert House Fellowship #55: Judges 1-5

Jael_Shows_Barak_Sisera_Lying_DeadWE BEGIN our study of the second of the Historical Books of the Bible. Judges is named for the twelve leaders who were raised up by Yahweh at critical points in Israel’s history from the late 13th century to the mid-11th century B.C., and it chronicles Israel’s slide into apostasy and chaos, showing the need for a godly king to lead them.

Today, we look at the first five judges: Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar (who may have been a devotee of the Canaanite goddess of war), Barak, and Deborah.

We also discuss a few interesting aspects of the Song of Deborah (Judges 5), especially the curse by the Angel of Yahweh (Jesus, if you’ve just joined us) against Meroz. According to a Jewish tradition, Meroz was a group of supernatural inhabitants of the second heaven who refused to fight for Yahweh against the Canaanites.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #51: Psalm 91, Joshua 1-5

crossing-jordan-riverTODAY, WE begin studying the fulfillment of the patriarchal promise, the occupation of the land that Yahweh had declared would belong to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

We discuss again the concept of kherem, persons or things “devoted to destruction” because they are forbidden, either because they were accursed, such as those who worshiped other gods, or reserved for Yahweh’s exclusive ownership and use, such as the land of Canaan, which Yahweh had allotted to Israel. We discuss the assistance given to the spies by Rahab, the prostitute in Jericho, who was not only saved from death but became an ancestor of King David and thus the Messiah himself.

And we encounter a Christophany, another example of how the presence of the “second Power in heaven” or “second Yahweh”–Christ–is woven through the whole Bible.

Click here for an overview of the Divine Council by Dr. Michael S. Heiser (link opens a PDF document). See page 16 for a brief summary of Jesus as the second Power in heaven.


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