Gilbert House Fellowship #330: Joshua 6–8

THE DESTRUCTION of Jericho was not just a military victory. It was another statement of God’s superiority over the gods of the Amorites, whose land was about to be given to the Israelites.

This week, we discuss the conquest of Jericho and Ai. We explain why God’s command to march around the city may have been a reversal of an ancient ritual known in Mesopotamia a thousand years before the Exodus. Sharon compares this to a pagan myth from ancient Persia, and then we explain the significance of the location of the altar on Mount Ebal, overlooking the city of Shechem.

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For more on the archaeology of ancient Jericho, see this article at the Christian Publishing House Blog, and this one at The Archaeologist.

We also note the reference to “native born” Israelites in Josh. 8:33. Who were they, assuming that all of the Israelites who entered Canaan (except Joshua and Caleb) had been born during the wilderness wanderings?

Aaron Lipkin recently shared new research with us on The Bible’s Greatest Mysteries showing that the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh were already in Canaan when the rest of Israel arrived. These, then, were the native born Israelites who joined their cousins from Egypt. You can watch that program here: 

NOTE: New dates for our tour of Israel! We will lead our next tour through the Holy Land March 25–April 3, 2025, with an optional three-day extension to Jordan featuring visits to Mount Nebo, Wadi Rum, and Petra. Our special guests are Dr. Judd Burton and Doug Van Dorn!

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  1. Hi Derek and Sharon!
    I love listening and learning with you folks.
    You folks are about the only people I can trust these days.
    There are a few other goog folks out there I trust and enjoy but I watch your 5 in 10 segment just about every day and the weekly Skywatch programing. You’re a breath of fresh air and extraordinarily interesting and informative.
    There really doesn’t seem to be very much time before God calls the Wedding on. I look so forward to going Home. Godbless you and yours.
    Scott & Jamie Stanton, Springfield Mo.

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