Gilbert House Fellowship #331: Joshua 9–11

THE CONQUEST of Canaan was a war to drive the Anakim out of the hill country of Judah and Israel.

This week, we discuss Joshua’s two campaigns in Canaan, against coalitions of Amorites, Perizzites (Philistines), Hittites, Hivites (Mycenaean Greeks), and Jebusites (probably Hurrians). We explain how the deception of the Gibeonites was perceived by the Amorite kings in the south as a divide-and-conquer maneuver by Israel, and why the Anakim were a warrior elite who venerated the Rephaim (spirits of the Nephilim; i.e., demons).

Joshua’s southern campaign (click to enlarge). Courtesy

Here is an excerpt from our book Veneration at All-Pro Pastors explaining our views on the Nephilim, Rephaim, and Anakim, and why we believe Anakim ”was a title roughly meaning ‘lords’ or ‘rulers,’ and the ‘sons of Anak’ [Num. 13:21] were a warrior elite who ruled the hill country of Judah and Israel.”

Here is the Chuck Missler article we mentioned where he proposed that Joshua’s Long Day was the result of a near pass of Earth by the planet Mars. Besides the defeat of the Amorite kings, Chuck suggested that other significant events, like the flattening of Sodom and Gomorrah and the destruction of the Assyrian army outside the walls of Jerusalem, were also the result of a Mars flyby. Fascinating reading! 

Joshua’s northern campaign (click to enlarge). Courtesy

Chuck pointed out that Jonathan Swift, in his novel Gulliver’s Travels, apparently knew about the two moons of Mars (including their sizes, periods, and orbits) 151 years before they were discovered! According to Chuck, “it is assumed that Swift simply embroidered his colorful parody drawing upon an ancient legend of some sort, probably not realizing that it was, apparently, an actual eye-witness account long prior to the development of telescopic optics.”

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  1. Just love you two. Appreciate your work. Have read Giants, Gods . . ., on the second book of the Redwing Saga. Waiting on The Second Coming of Saturn to arrive from Amazon here in Sweden. Bless you masses.
    Several days ago, Sharon posted an interview featuring Derik and two men. It was very interesting. I wanted to listen again to write some notes, as well as the name of the author who penned a book about unmasking satan (Can’t remember the title). The entire interview just disappeared from my phone! And, without a trace. Looked for it the entire evening. Would you please be so kind and let me know how I might find it again. It was a discussion about The Second Coming of Saturn.
    In Christ,
    My e-mail adderas is

  2. Missler also believed the book of Joshua is a foreshadow of the book of Revelation. The 7 year military campaign is similar to the 7 year Tribulation. Joshua sent 2 spies (witnesses) and they saved a gentile (Rahab). Joshua and Jesus are both named Jeshua. They both sent their people into the land to vanquish the userpers in the land. He had even more comparisons

  3. Missler said the 5 month duration of the demons was similar to the 5 month duration of Noah’s flood.

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