Gilbert House Fellowship #313: Numbers 34-36

Land promised by God in Numbers 34 (click to enlarge)

THE BOUNDARIES of the land of Israel are a lot bigger than what’s on our maps today.

This week, we discuss God’s command to drive out the inhabitants of Canaan, but the boundaries of the land promised by God to Moses extended well into what is now Syria.

We also talk about the cities of refuge and rules for female heirs, which were more progressive than many today might expect.

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  1. The meaning behind the sanctuary cities of today are totally opposite the meaning behind the sanctuary cities of Deuteronomy.

  2. Derek’s prayers are sermon-like Holy Spirit inspirations to my heart!

  3. Derek & Sharon:

    On hearing you refer to dolmen’s and Gog, Dolmens, there are alleged to be very close to the landing spot of the Ark of Noah, a series of structures and memorials to the landing near the Ark.

    Re: Gog, several of the passengers of Ark were semi diefied after the landing and there were also records of near in time, descendants, of Noah, traveling to diffeeent areas, named after Noah’s partially or d asijnd related to Noah. descendants

    1. Author

      There are quite a few in the Caucasus, which is near the mountains of Ararat. The connection between the dolmens of the Caucasus and the Jordan valley Mgr me explained by the movement of the Hurrians (Horites).

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