Gilbert House Fellowship #310: Numbers 28-29

THE NUMBER of bulls sacrificed during the annual Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) is unparalleled in any other feast given to Moses by God.

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This week, we discuss the religious calendar the Israelites were to follow when they entered the promised land, and why the sacrifice of 70 bulls over the seven days of Sukkot was so significant. It wasn’t about slaughtering a lot of beef; it was a message directed specifically at the gods of the pagan nations—the fallen angels who had rebelled against God’s authority.

Here’s a link to the fascinating paper by Dr. Noga Ayali-Darshan that Derek mentioned during the study, “The Seventy Bulls Sacrificed at Sukkot in Light of a Ritual Text from Emar.

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  1. Hello again to the Gilbert’s, I have another question for you guy’s as I was listening to your audio podcast which I have to finish listening to you said something that reminded me of a scripture in the book of Daniel chapter 8:21 where the Word of God talks about Grecia and 8:22 says four kingdoms stood up out of the nation. 8:23 and in the latter time of their Kingdom. My question is could we be the fourt Kingdom out of Grecia. I’m assuming Grecia means Greece. Greece, Rome,Britain and us America, could we be the fourth kingdom that stands up out of the nation of Grecia? I read this a few years back and I instantly got the understanding that we may be the fourth kingdom from Grecia.

  2. Author

    Hi, Joshua: Thanks for your note! That’s a good thought, but it’s more likely that the four kingdoms were the ones that emerged after the death of Alexander the Great: Greece (mainly Macedon), the Seleucid kingdom based in Syria, the Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt, and a kingdom in Thrace and western Asia Minor.

  3. The name on the thigh indicates that He is wearing a prayer shawl with tsitsit on. I the William Morden’s Power NT mentions this. When you mentioned the cyclical nature of some things, it reminded me of some teaching I heard years ago by the Berkovitz Messiahnic family. God’s year according to the Feast and Fast dates is cyclical and has a period of six months where we find ourselves going through something that God is working with us on. If we don’t learn it that cycle,then we find ourselves’going round again’.

    1. Author

      Hi, Alexandra: Thank you for your note! Actually, it appears that this is a reversal of a practice known in the ancient world, especially in the area around the churches mentioned by John in the Book of Revelation where the worship of Apollo was common. Thigh inscriptions were rare in the classical world, but the ones scholars have found are all on statues of Apollo.

      The rider on the white horse in Revelation 19 is the legitimate Messiah—not the counterfeit in Revelation 6, who, based on the clues, is Apollo.

  4. Thank you for your response Derek, I love listening to you and your wife, and all of SkyWatchTV. All of you guy’s are awesome, God bless all of you. When we can afford to purchase the conference I will definitely be doing so. Tom Horn rocks as do you guys, thank you for all that you guys do. Between Steve Quayle, Gary Stearman from Prophecy Watchers and you guys at SkyWatch Tv I have learned a lot. Please never stop teaching and preaching the Word of God there are a lot of people hungry for the truth and all of you guy’s tell it. The Lord Jesus is the only answer

    1. Thank you for posting that, I seen that a awhile back, SQ sent it out in an Extinction Protocols Alert. That’s really creepy.

  5. I can’t listen to episode 69, please help me find it. I’m trying to catch up. Also pray for me, I’m homeless and even though my church helps people like this, I’m not being helped, I think it’s because they were covering Matthew where it says fear not those who can kill the body, but he who can kill the body and soul, then the pastor said fear satan, and I just couldn’t let that go, I told him he was giving God’s power to satan. Fear God.
    Not long after he said he didn’t think my salvation was real. So here I am with a car with no a/c, a 1 bdrm trailer with no a/c, raising my grandson (3), and disabled. I’m so sad.

    1. Author

      Hi, Martha,

      We’re so sorry to hear about your situation. May God bless you and provide for you. You might post a note to our Facebook forum and ask if there is anyone in your area can recommend a church or other services (food pantry, etc.) that would e helpful.

      Your interpretation of that passage is correct. Jesus was referring to God, not Satan.

      Episode 69 is here.

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