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Gilbert House Fellowship #310: Numbers 28-29

THE NUMBER of bulls sacrificed during the annual Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) is unparalleled in any other feast given to Moses by God.

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This week, we discuss the religious calendar the Israelites were to follow when they entered the promised land, and why the sacrifice of 70 bulls over the seven days of Sukkot was so significant. It wasn’t about slaughtering a lot of beef; it was a message directed specifically at the gods of the pagan nations—the fallen angels who had rebelled against God’s authority.

Here’s a link to the fascinating paper by Dr. Noga Ayali-Darshan that Derek mentioned during the study, “The Seventy Bulls Sacrificed at Sukkot in Light of a Ritual Text from Emar.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #302: Numbers 9-10

WE’D LIKE to say that we planned to read about Israel’s first Passover celebration after leaving Egypt on this Passover weekend, but we didn’t. God’s scheduling is clearly much better than ours.

We discuss the importance of the Passover and the reason the Israelites waited more than a month to decamp and begin moving from Sinai, the connection between Sinai and Paran, and the significance of the silver trumpets God directed Moses to create to summon and warn the tribes of Israel.

We also share a few of the reasons we believe Sinai was in the vicinity of Petra in Jordan rather than further south in Arabia—and why we believe it was the site of the original Kaaba.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #296: Leviticus 21-23

GOD’S HOLINESS requires perfection—a standard we can never meet on our own.

This week, we discuss rules for the priesthood: Marriage, mourning, and physical qualifications; things the priests were forbidden to eat; and physical disqualifications for sacrificial animals.

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