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Gilbert House Fellowship #259: Passover and the Triumphal Entry

WE SET aside our chronological reading order this week to look at scripture about the Passover and Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

We explain why these events were more than symbolic; they were acts of war in the spirit realm. We discuss the specific entities targeted at Passover, explain the Amorite kispum ritual, the reason Jesus rode a donkey colt into Jerusalem, why the time and place of the Transfiguration were important in this sequence of events, how the Parable of the Tenants explains the supernatural conflict, and how baptism and the Lord’s Supper fit into the history of this long spiritual war.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #34: Leviticus 23-26

Click to enlarge - Image by James Courtright, www.jcourt.net

Click to enlarge – Image by James Courtright, www.jcourt.net

THE FEASTS of the Lord present an outline for God’s historical plan for our salvation. The seven feasts represent prophetic events, some fulfilled and some still ahead.

We also revisit the issue of God’s holiness as we encounter the first recorded case of blasphemy in Israel’s history. The outcome wasn’t happy for the young man who chose to curse the Name.

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