Gilbert House Fellowship #300: Numbers 3–5

GOD CLAIMED for Himself the tribe of Levi in lieu of the firstborn sons of all Israel. We discuss the duties of the clans of the Levites—the Kohathites, Gershonites, and Merarites—and why it was imperative that only the high priest entered the Holiest Place.

We also discuss rules concerning unclean people, confession of and restitution for sins, and a test for adultery that seems odd, if not unfair, by the standards of today.

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  1. Numbers 4:3 From 30 years old…that was the minimum age of service for ministry in the priesthood. Jesus began his ministry in His thirties. David was 30 when he became king. Joseph was 30 when he entered into service to Pharoah.

  2. The matrilineal line started after they were all taken into bondage and raped by the Babylonians, et al.

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