Gilbert House Fellowship #301: Numbers 6-8

THE NAZIRITES were men and women set apart for God by a vow so serious that not only were they forbidden to drink wine, they couldn’t even eat grapes or raisins.

We discuss the Nazirite vow, the priestly blessing, and the first consecration of the Tabernacle before Moses and the Israelites began their journey from Sinai toward the Promised Land.

JOIN US IN ISRAEL! We will lead our next tour through the Holy Land March 31–April 9, 2024, with an optional three-day extension to Jordan, with visits to Mount Nebo, Wadi Rum, and Petra. Our special guest is Timothy Alberino!

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  1. I worked in a medical/surgery hospital unit and noticed some of the Jewish doctors were growing beards. When I asked one if he was taking the Naziritic vow he asked me how I knew about it but said their beards were to honor recent family deaths. We had many talks after that. Once he told me that the tents in the desert were arranged for privacy as the doorways of the tents were not facing each other.

  2. 7:15 One bull, one ram, one lamb…Jewish sages and commentators such as Rashi note that the bull is for Abraham, the chief father of Israel, the ram is for Isaac, as it would enable his life to be spared and the lamb is for Jacob, as the blood would save his sons during the Passover in Egypt.

  3. Ggr3etings from a Hot and windy dry Perth!
    Thank you for all your amazing Revelation!! And 5 in 10! Now a big IF Would you be doing Audio on any of your books! Time for sitting down and reading is kept for answering mails and then Reading the Bible!! Sit down time very limited BUT my ears work and I can listene while doing most chores and cycling! Please think if ot would be at all possible? In your copious spare time?:-)

  4. Not related to this study–but current events…
    Interesting that the Artificial Intelligence is referred to as AI…
    God has a sense of humor. The town that defeated Joshua!

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