Gilbert House Fellowship #275: Exodus 4-6

MOSES RETURNS to Egypt with Aaron as his mouthpiece, a concession by God to Moses’ reluctance to speak to his fellow Hebrews about the Lord’s promise of deliverance.

Despite being told by God that Pharaoh’s heart would be hardened, Moses complained when the king of Egypt not only refused to let Israel go, but increased the burden on the Israelites working to make bricks.

We also discuss the strange incident of Exodus 4:24-26, where God “sought to put [Moses] to death,” apparently because his son had not been circumcised according to the covenant between God and Abraham.

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7 Responses to Gilbert House Fellowship #275: Exodus 4-6

  1. Mary Booker

    Hi Sharon and Derek: We love your study! Regarding verse 24 in Ch 4 regarding the circumcision issue by Zipporah, if you happen to have Mike Heiser’s book “I Dare You Not To Bore Me With The Bible,” page 335 in the chapter titled A Tale Of Courage We Never Teach, he discusses what he thinks is going on here. Very interesting. Hope this helps.

  2. Janie Tink

    If Moses had taken his son into Egypt without being circumcised, then his son would not have been under the Abrahamic covenant, and could have been slain with the uncircumcised Egyptians on the night of the Passover. Since the soon was circumcised at the inn, he could have been in danger of contracting an infection while traveling to Egypt, thus the mother circumcises the son and they return to Midian, allowing Moses to journey alone to Egypt.

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  4. Janie Tink

    Ex 6:3 This is the first revelation of God’s covenant name.

    Ex 6: 6-7 These four expressions of redemption identifies with the four cups used during the Jewish Seder (Passover) table:
    1-I will bring you out (cup of sanctification)
    2- I will rid you of their bondage (cup of affliction)
    3-I will redeem you (cup of redemption)
    4- I will take you to Myself (cup of consummation)
    These are also the same four promises Christ gives to every person who accepts His sacrificial death and resurrection.

  5. jeanne L. griffin

    These studies showing that more is going on here than I have ever heard being taught, are so interesting that I have to listen more than once.

  6. Pamela Burr

    Every time I read this passage, and have always ays come away with the feeing that Zipporah may have refused to permit Moses to circumcise tbe child until the angel threatened Moses (or the boy?)

    I’m enjoying this discussion! I’m a transplanted Yankee from Chicago, & have lived in Claremore, Oklahoma just about all of my adult life. Glad to know your ministry and Skywatch are located not on a coast, or in some big city, but not very far away, in an area we pass through wben we travel north to visit our family still living further north.

    God bless you both.

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