Gilbert House Fellowship #272: Genesis 47-49

JACOB’S STORY comes to a close this week. He lived for seventeen years in Egypt, long enough to see Joseph use the foreknowledge given by God to concentrate power in the hands of the pharaoh (and the same number of years Joseph lived before he was sold into slavery by his brothers).

We discuss Jacob’s blessing of Ephraim and Manasseh, in which we see again an elder brother passed over in favor of the younger, and the patriarch’s prophecies over his sons. Judah, the fourth son, is elevated above his brothers, and it is from Jacob’s prophecy over him that we get Christ’s epithet, “the lion of the tribe of Judah” (Rev. 5:5).

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  1. British Israelism has become quite a prominent teaching in certain circles, especially among those who are easily lead. I have a little Sunday School book called Kings of Israel and Judah from 1905 which shows what happens to the tribes. Sunday Schools were taught much more substantial material than today.

  2. It wasn’t hamstrung but gelded, see the horses in a later battle. It’s a mistranslation.

    1. Author

      Are you sure? Nearly every time it’s used in the Old Testament, it refers to hamstringing (Josh. 11:6, 9; 2 Sam. 8:4; 1 Chr. 18:4).

  3. Genesis 49:11 this alludes to Isaiah 63:2-3: Wherefore are thou red in thine apparel, and thy garments that treadeth in the winefat…their blood shall be sprinkled upon thy garments.

    Genesis 49:13-14 Issachar is older than Zebulun, yet Jacob places Zebulun before Issachar. This may be because Zebulun would develop commerce and trade, thus supporting the tribe of Issachar.

    Genesis 49:16-17 Among the early church fathers, this prophecy created the speculation that the future Antichrist will emerge from the tribe of Dan. Since Dan is missing in the tribal listing in Revelation 7, this adds credence to this supposition.

  4. Genesis 49:19 Gad decided not to fight when crossing the Jordan and settle on the Jordan side (see Num. 32:2-6), but does fight alongside the other tribes (see Josh. 4:12; 22:9), so they stand with their brothers and help conquer the Promised Land.

    Genesis 49:20 The Jewish commentator Rashi believed Jacob’s words referred to the land of Asher being rich with olive groves (dainties, delicacies).

    Genesis 49:22-26 Jacob reminds the family that God has made Joseph fruitful in the land of affliction (see Gen. 41:52). Jacob reveals that God’s hand is upon Joseph and that Jacob’s blessing has caused him to rise above all others.

  5. Genesis 49:27 Joseph predicts the defeat of Benjamin’s enemies through war and fighting. Saul, the first king of Israel, is from the tribe of Benjamin (see 1 Sam 9:1-2). Saul conducts numerous wars, defeating the enemy and dividing the spoil.

  6. Thank you for the bible study,l am not very good on the computer, so l am not even sure you will get this post.
    The teaching on Revelation you and Sharon are doing makes the most sense yet, some woman gave me the left behind series, l had no interest reading them
    now this teaching on the rapture is so more believable than any other l have heard. We will keep learning as we go, your teaching keeps us so much more digging into The Word.
    my dad years ago, used the years in the book of Daniel to point out to a Jew that Jesus is their Messiah, he said, how could we have missed him. One thing people should know is, do not say to a Jew you are a Christian, l did to a Jewish woman and l could see the fear enter her, then l heard a Behold Israel, Amir, tell us that.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your kind words! We are happy to hear that this is helpful to you. Give God the credit! He’s the one who inspired the words in the Book.

  7. I would like to get the study on Genesis is it available to buy or how do I get it.I try to understand Rev . But it seems you said have to know Genesis to understand revelation so I want to go through Genesis to understand revelation

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