Gilbert House Fellowship #236: Genesis 6-7

THE STORY of a global flood is common to many cultures all over the world. Today, we read the real story behind the flood of Noah.

We read the corresponding chapters in the Book of 1 Enoch that expand on Genesis 6:1-4. It was more than just human sin that led to the Flood; the Watchers and their monstrous offspring brought witchcraft, sexual depravity, and even cannibalism to the earth.

We also connect the length of time that water covered the earth, including all of the high mountains (places of spiritual significance) to the time allotted to the creatures from the abyss—the Watchers punished for their sin—in chapter 11 of the Book of Revelation.

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  1. Genesis 7:10: some Jews believe that the 7 days in the ark before it rained was 7 days of mourning for Methusaleh. Could it also be an analogy that God protects His people 7 days (years) during Tribulation?
    Genesis 7:16: “shut him in” translates “tucked him in”… special protection.

  2. Sharon, THANK YOU for pointing this out –“for they are flesh.”
    I, too, have noticed in my personal Bible studies in this section of Scripture that God doesn’t seem to down the Nephilim but rather human flesh. This has caused me to wonder if maybe mankind wasn’t more to blame for this awful scenario.

    While the angels sinned and were dealt with, were mankind the ones who opened themselves up to the fallen angels’ suggestions for intermingling?

    Also, we really don’t know much about the Nephilim except that we understand them to be born of flesh (human) while holding the spirit of death (demonic). There was no way they could be “saved” because they did not have the capacity to “house Spirit of God” since He was not their creator. On the other hand, after the flood, there continued to be more intermingling or so we believe based on the wording in the English e.g., “And also after that.” I emailed Dr. Heiser about this as I was curious about what he might say, but he never responded (I’m sure due to all of the emails he receives — mine probably got lost in the shuffle).

  3. Thank you. I really am hungry for Gods word taught like this. And thank you for the format of dialogue between you two because I’m tired of the monologue style. Also thank you for the prayer at the end. I received and agreed.

    Love you two!

  4. Thank you, Derek and Sharon, for your studies. I used to belong to a study group that disbanded about 10 years ago and from the tone of your studies, it reminds me of that group and the discussion and digging deeper.

    Just a thought on the 120 years in Gen. 6:3 – my reading is that 6:1 isn’t a direct continuation (for lack of better way of putting it) of Gen. 5:32. My reading is that Gen. 6:1-8 is taking place 120 years before the Flood. Noah would’ve been 480 yrs old at the “time” God was saying His Spirit shall not … but his days shall yet be 120 years. Taking into account that it continues with God seeing the wickedness, His regret and being grieved. Gen 6:9 could be putting Noah having his sons at age 500 “shortly” (20 years) after God decreeing what is to come. Gen 6:11-12 continues on with God looking upon the continuing evil taking place and then v. 13 God begins His instruction to Noah to build the ark.

    Thank you again for your study. The format you both are using and approach are not just enlightening but it’s inviting and even though we’re not there in the “room” with you, you make us feel as if we are :0)

    Blessings and shalom to you both and Sam!


  5. I am surprised–with your talk of epigenetics–you did not also examine whether Noah cursed Canaan, or told everyone that Canaan is cursed [because of how he was conceived (i.e. Ham raping his own mother)].

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