Gilbert House Fellowship #153: Revelation 7-9

GOD’S JUDGMENT on an unrepentant world is the focus of this week’s New Testament study.

John was shown terrifying imagery of disasters so catastrophic that the earth is literally shaken to its core. But take heart — the church of Jesus Christ is not appointed to wrath, so if you have accepted Christ as your Savior, you won’t be here for it.

We discuss the first six trumpet judgments, speculate on why Dan is not among the tribes of Israel sealed by God during the Great Tribulation, briefly explain the 70 weeks of Daniel (Daniel 9:24-27), and explain why Joel’s Army (see Joel 2:1-11) is actually the horde of demonic locusts released from the abyss by Apollyon (Apollo, also called Abaddon — called Resheph by Canaanites and Nergal by the Babylonians) in Revelation 9.

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  1. Hey Derek and Sharon, love your Bible studies. Was listening to section about the tribes and which one, if any at all, the A/C would come from. You two have probably read this already, but in Irenaeus: Against Heresies, Irenaeus quotes him as coming from the tribe of Dan. I have read this verbatim, probably heard it first from Dr. Ken Johnson, I would imagine. Anyway, love you guys, and GOD Bless. You do a fantastic work for the Body of Christ.


  2. My apologies, I listened to the podcast again and this time caught where you mentioned that Irenaeus actually spoke about the tribe of Dan. Fascinating subject all the way around.

  3. Thank you guys.

    Your relationship with each other really helps me drive my relationship with my wife in the same way. We have a long distant relationship, hopefully we will be together very soon as we are going through the visa process as I speak. Your relationship with each other is what helps me to drive our relationship to be stronger in Christ and be a beacon of light.

  4. Question from Revelation 8. I noticed that everything that was affected by these trumpets was one-third. Is there any significance to the one-third instead of one-half or one-fourth? Just something I wondered.


  5. I think we live on a dome .. flat earth if you’d like to call it but it’s more like a sphere and I don’t think you know any more than anyone . Sharon like to say she’s been studying Bible since she was 8 or 9 but dismissing a sphere is wron.. I think. I too have been studiing scripture since I was saved at 8. I learn from y’all but do believe we have four corners and do not live on around earth nor been to the moon etc. if you look how Sheol, tartarus, hades then the 3rd haven. It’s frustrating when Sharon come across like she’s the only one that knows scripture and Bible prophecy. I don’t know if any of us will really know until earths new Jerusalem comes

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