Gilbert House Fellowship #28: Exodus 32-36

GoldCalfTHE ISRAELITES were an impatient bunch, weren’t they? They saw the flames on the mountain and heard the thunder, indicating the presence of Yahweh, but they still insisted that Aaron create an idol for them to worship before Moses returned with the Tablets of the Testimony.

The incident of the golden calf at Mount Sinai, the presence of the Angel of Yahweh on the mountain, and the theology of the Name will be part of our study.


  1. Why would Aaron “make up excuse” to a prophet like Moses who would know he was lying?

    When did Aaron become a goldsmith?!?

    Assuming he was a great goldsmith, how did he make “golden calf” idol so quickly with skilled artisans on “project for God” (Tabernacle or Tent of Meeting)?!?

    Would not Canaanite watcher gods, after seeing Yahweh DESTROY Egyptian pantheon, want to undermine children of Israel?!?

    Did Aaron have supernatural (watcher?) help with gold calf?!? (…came out of fire….)

    1. Author
      • Panic.
      • Good question.
      • He probably had help from artisans among the Israelites.
      • Yes, definitely.
      • That’s possible, assuming Aaron was telling the truth (but we still believe he was trying to make excuses).
      1. I appreciate your speedy reply. Between authors like you & your lovely wife Sharon, others like Tom Horn & Cris Putnam, Steve Quayle, Dr. Heiser’s works including his fictional UFO/watcher ones ‘Facade’ & ‘Portent’ along with other authors like Brian Godawa who writes Bible-based fiction similar to Heiser only on Nephilim vs. children of Israel. You canNOT “un-see” impacts of the watchers (fallen angelic princes) & their children throughout Bible. It was just a couple of “odd verses”: v. 25: “naked” (KJV)-“unrestrained” (NKJV).

  2. Of course, referring to Exodus 32: 24-25….

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