Gilbert House Fellowship #27: Exodus 27-31

The_Ten_Commandments_(Bible_Card)OUR WEEKLY study continues in the Book of Exodus. Moses is on the holy mountain receiving the Testimony from Yahweh: Instructions on how to build the altar of sacrifice, the altar of incense, and the importance of blood for purification.

What is holiness? Is it a moral code, or something else? If it refers inherently to a standard of behavior, how can there be such a thing as “holy ground”, or, for that matter, garments, utensils, and anointing oil that were deemed “holy” by God?


  1. It was interesting to hear Sharon mention the Temple Institute and their preparations for building a new temple in Jerusalem, in the archives in 2016. It is now 2019 and this is all a “hot” subject of news at this time. So much has happened to make this all an actual possibility. Come Lord Jesus, come.

  2. I just love y’all studies. I have no one to study with. Dear Dereck please do say uhm so much

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