Gilbert House Fellowship #386: 2 Samuel 22

THIS WEEK’S STUDY is a song of deliverance that follows the account of David’s final victory over the Philistine “sons of the Rapha.” 

2 Samuel 22 is nearly identical to Psalm 18, which we studied immediately after the account of Saul’s death in battle with the Philistines. In this psalm, David expresses his gratitude to God for His salvation (which in Hebrew is yeshua), deliverance, and faithfulness. 

We look at the deeper supernatural implications of this chapter, especially verses 5–16, which seem to mock language used by the pagans to describe their gods—especially the storm-god Baal, who Jesus later identified as Satan (Matt. 12:22–26; Mark 3:22–23; Rev. 2:13). 

We also engage in speculation about the strategy and tactics of Satan. Did he deceive other divine rebels into rejecting the authority of God, knowing that they’d be punished—thus eliminating his rivals? Honestly, we don’t know the answer to that, but it makes sense. In the natural realm, members of a political party may be united against their opposition while fighting with one another for power.

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  1. I don’t think Adam knew about death because one of my Bible commentaries stated that when God asked Cain about slaying Abel, he answered that he didn’t know (that that would happen) because he had never seen death before.

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