Gilbert House Fellowship #268: Genesis 36-37

JOSEPH APPEARS to have been something of a spoiled brat. Either he had no self-awareness at all or his self-image was so inflated that he didn’t care what his brothers thought of him.

The story of Joseph’s brothers selling him into slavery is a reminder that even in times of trouble, God has a plan, and He brings His plans to fruition through flawed and imperfect humans.

Wanderings of Jacob and Joseph (Click to enlarge)

We also discuss the history of the chiefs and kings of Edom, including the interesting reference to one “Shaul of Rehoboth on the Euphrates” who ruled Edom sometime before the rise of the kingdom in Israel. Check a map—the Euphrates is a long way from Edom! Who was this Shaul, where was Rehoboth, and did he rule a kingdom that included much of modern Jordan and Syria?

Here is a link to the book Derek mentioned, Edom and the Hyksos by David J. Gibson.

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