Gilbert House Fellowship #256: Genesis 12-13

It’s pretty obvious when you look at a map (click to enlarge): Abraham did not come from Ur in Sumer. He came from the north.

GOD BEGINS a new phase of His plan to redeem humanity in this week’s study, as Abram is called from his homeland to journey south into Canaan.

We explain again why Abram was not from Ur in Sumer, but from a town near modern Sanliurfa in southeastern Turkey. As you can see by the map to the right (click to enlarge), travelling to Canaan by way of Harran makes no sense. And beyond that, there are other cultural reasons that point to Abram’s northern Mesopotamian origins.

Map of sites in this week’s study (click to enlarge)

We also discuss the significance of two of the key sites in the early years of Abram’s life in Canaan. Shechem was a city sacred to the ancient Amorite god Resheph, the plague-god and gatekeeper to the underworld known in the time of Jesus as Apollo, and Sodom, which we’ll explore in more detail in a few weeks, was very possibly the center of a cult devoted to Baal-Peor—which may have been another incarnation of that fallen angel.

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To find out more about the evidence for identifying Tall el-Hammam in Jordan as ancient Sodom, log on to, and listen to Derek’s interview with Dr. Phillip Silvia, part of the archaeological team excavating at Tall el-Hammam.

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  1. Thank you for your sharing of the word. I anxiously await each week. God bless💞💞💞

  2. Thank you for your teachings on Unraveling revelations. A friend gave me the website that I hadn’t really intended to watch because I was so busy but found due to the social distancing and staying indoors that I had a lot of free time on my hands. I’ve been watching them over and over again. I always wondered how God gave Moses the first 5 books of the Bible all in a divine revelation…never thinking he had any kind of background in the pagan worship. I’m truly grateful to learn truth.

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