Gilbert House Fellowship #227: Malachi 2-4

WE REACH the end of the Old Testament today, the Book of Malachi, and with that we have completed our first journey through the entire Bible.

We discuss God’s condemnation of faithless rituals and the priests that perform them, His anger at those who had “married the daughter of a foreign god,” and His promise to return on “the great and awesome day of the Lord.”

Click here for the complete archive of our New Testament Bible studies to date, and click here for the Old Testament studies to date. Or go to for all of the audio.


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6 Responses to Gilbert House Fellowship #227: Malachi 2-4

  1. Sarah Fullilove

    I can’t believe we are already at the end! I’ve really enjoyed all of these studies. I’m excited to go through it all again and see what new things we discover the second time around! Y’all are a blessing and we truly appreciate all your hard work.

    • derek

      Thank you! We’ll find a way to keep this going, and we plan to start on the Bible again when we get back from our tour in May.

  2. Sherry Ackerman

    So enjoy the deeper understanding of the Bible imparted by you both ! ! <3

  3. Lynn

    I can’t wait to go through this again!! I also can’t wait to actually meet you and be with you in Israel and Jordan!!

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  5. Marilyn L Abbott

    Well, I finished the last study today! I started on Jan 1 with Gen 1 and then did the New Testament simultaneously with the Old until it was finished. Enjoyed every one! But wanted to let you know that I didn’t find anymore chapters had been left out. So all in all a job well done. Also to say that as I have been struggling a lot physically, and otherwise, when I heard Sharon read Nehemiah 4 yesterday and exhort as she did I began to feel the sweet presence of the Lord and His anointing that broke the yoke once again. Thank you Sharon! Keep up the good work of exhortation. Now am looking forward to starting all over at the beginning, when you begin again. God bless you. You are in my prayers.

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