Gilbert House Fellowship #221: Esther 1-3

THE STORY of Esther, a Jewish woman who became queen of Persia, is the origin of the Purim holiday, celebrating the salvation of the Jewish people from Haman, a key advisor to Xerxes, the king.

In today’s #MeToo culture, however, the story has been hijacked by our 21st century Western worldview. We discuss the differences between Esther and the deposed queen Vashti; obvious changes to the Book of Esther in the Septuagint translation; and why Esther wouldn’t have been in a position to help her people if she hadn’t been subservient to Xerxes and her cousin and guardian, Mordecai.


  1. Thanks for sharing this online. I get more out of it than going to church.

    Linda Pearson

  2. Dear Derek & Sharon, You are now my church. I so enjoy your teachings ! ! I have Christian churches around me but have not found one that I like as much as your teaching. God speed ! !

  3. Consider: if the Tribe of Benjamin had been destroyed (Judges 19-21) after the rape of the concubine; there might not have been a Mordacai or Esther. WOW

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