Gilbert House Fellowship #1 – Genesis 1-2

We’re using a chronological reading plan that you can download here. This week, we’ll be covering Genesis 1-2, using the English Standard Version (ESV), but you can use whatever translation you prefer! For online reading, we recommend either Bible Gateway or Blueletter Bible.

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  1. admin

    Hi All! Here’s where you can send us notes during the live fellowship, and you can leave comments/questions when listening to the archives! Thanks for joining us!

    • Good day. I greatly enjoy the you and the sharing of our wisdom. I am wondering if there is a way to download the audio of the Bible study sections. It would allow me to load them on my mp3 player and listen while on theroad and/or while I am at work.

      • Hi, Tim: Thanks for asking! Yes, subscribe to the podcast feed. You can do that with any number of apps that will automatically download the mp3 files. Or you can go to our page at Spreaker and download the files from there.

    • Lisa R Dillon

      Question…Satan is the Nachash in Genesis 2…the fiery serpent. But if he was the Cherub placed in the garden to oversee Adam and Eve, a Cherub is a warrior…but not a fiery serpent/dragon. What am I missing here? How do you bridge the 2?

      • It’s possible that seraphim and cherubim are different names for the same type of entity charged with guarding the throne of God. The seraphim of Isaiah 6 are different from the Cherubim of Ezekiel 1, yet Satan is both a nachash and a guardian cherub.

        • Lisa R Dillon

          My sweet pastor believes it was an actual snake possessed by satan in the garden. I want to share what I believe with him so I need to get this down clearly. I believe what you suggest could be so, same entity, 2 names to describe him. What throws me is the description. A 4 faced mighty warrior protector cherub isn’t the same look as a fiery illuminated serpentine seraph. If satan can appear as light, could he have altered his look to be less imposing when around? If satan was there to protect Eden and Adam & Eve, they would have recognized him, but as what?

  2. admin

    Oh, you must register to comment. Thanks!

  3. admin

    Thank you, Lara! How wonderful….perhaps God actually sang in those creative moments!

  4. Wow! Sharon, several years ago we were studying Genesis at the Messianic fellowship I was in and I remember Ariel, our teacher telling us that! That God sang when He spoke creation into being! And that in the a Hebrew..the passages are arranged in certain ways to show those words were sung! The Song of Moses, for example, is split in the Red Sea was split!

  5. admin

    I like that, being a singer myself. I know how moving some music can be–I’ve often cried while singing it. Years ago, I had the pleasure of singing Chichester Psalms at Indiana University, and our conductor was Dr. Moses! And the MAC (Musical Arts Center) is right next to the creek named the Jordan River (actually named after David Starr Jordan, but it was still cool!).

  6. Maureen

    This is AWESOME!

  7. Jonathan Overstreet

    Hi! I am wondering if you have ever looked into SED physics and the corollary plasma astronomy/cosmology? If you look into the version Barry Setterfield published in his peer reviewed “Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy”, you will see how it leads to a creation model that is in accordance with the physical data that happens to have an earth in existence and cool on day 1 and population I stars igniting around day 4.
    It is the first time I have seen a working model that may explain why the sun doesn’t appear until Day 4.



  9. Lisa Dillon

    Genisis 1:9
    And God said, “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let (let, permission) the dry land appear.” And it was so. It doesn’t say, “and he created the dry land and called it Earth”. It already was, and he pulled the waters together in one place (drew it off the earth into one body) and the land, already there, appeared…from it’s being covered by water. For those who can’t quite grasp that the Earth is untold years old, older than mankind since Adam and Eve, Earth existed before. God and angels lived for millenia before the creation of Adam and Eve. Science proves God, not the other way around. The bible shows us here that earth already existed. It throws people because it’s not taught that earth came first, and man came long after. Knew it, never noticed until today that “appear” was in there. Nailed it for me.

  10. Tony Reid

    Could separate the waters be salt vs fresh waters? Gen 1:66

  11. Anja De Vries

    Hi Derek and Sharon….my name is Anja and I live in Holland. I want to thank you for these biblestudy,s you put out here for us to read and listen to. I am so happy I found your site via Skywatch TV. Thank you so very much. I plan to listen to all the older ones from 2014 and follow the new ones of Genesis weekly
    God bless from Anja

  12. Teresa preiss

    Bible gen 1-2

  13. Bonnie Daugherty

    Fantastic study!!

  14. jean

    i love this type of bible study been praying for to know what i should read or study,

  15. Suzanne Pleming

    Hi Derek and Sharon!
    I’ve just discovered Skywatch TV and your site. What a blessing!! Thank you.

  16. Jodi L Euler

    Hi Derek and Sharon,
    I just now decided to follow your Bible study. I have been watching Unraveling Revelations and 5 in 10 for over a year now. You two are awesome and I really appreciate the way the two of you work together to take what is written into both science and spiritual arenas. I started with your first study from 2014, today. I will still watch the other two programs and will try to follow your present Bible study also. Have recommended all this to quite a few of others. My Pastor is just starting a teaching on Revelations so it is interesting to compare the notes I took from your teachings and add his to them to see what I get. Thank you both!

  17. Marilyn

    I am today. Jan 1. 2021, starting my 3rd time reading the bible through with you folks. I know you have started again, so I will do both studies each day as well as the NT study. Really appreciate this being available.

  18. Den Slattery

    I see you all are doing a new show about spiritual warfare. Here is a story you might find interesting. When I was six I met some gypsies in Florida and they taught me how to read palms and tell the future by cards. Within about a week I woke up one night and discovered someone standing at the foot of my bed. For the next 18 years of my life I was haunted by those creatures and they drew me deeper into the occult. At age 24 I came to Christ and seven demons were cast out of me.

  19. Den Slattery

    Love your 5 in 10. I watch it just about every day. Keep up the good work

  20. Trudi Gummelt

    Hi Derek and Sharon,

    I am thoroughly enjoying unraveling revelation!! I hear you talking about your Bible study/ weekly reading that you’ve been doing over the years, so I just hopped on to Genesis one and two today… My question is, I was referencing Blue letter Bible when you all when you were discussing the verb translated “was” (the Earth was formless and void). You mentioned that the Hebrew language does not have the verb “to be,” but when I clicked on the strong’s for that word (strong’s 1961), it said “to be” so I’m confused. Can you help?

    • Hi, Trudi: Thank you for your note! That’s correct, Hebrew does not have a word that literally translates into English as “to be,” at least in certain forms—specifically is/was, am/was, and are/were. The English sentence, “He is tall,” in Hebrew would literally be, “He tall.”

      The Hebrew verb hayah literally means “to become,” so the verse in Genesis 1:2 literally translates as, “The earth became formless and void.”

      • Trudi Gummelt

        Thank you so much for your reply!! I’m just fascinated mostly with how the original readers of scriptures would have picked up on the “god language” and the polemics Yahweh uses against the entities. Yahweh, HE is GOD!

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