Gilbert House Fellowship #1 – Genesis 1-2

Join us for our first fellowship and Bible study meeting on Sept. 28th at 10:30 am Central Time!

We’ll be using a chronological reading plan that you can download here. This week, we’ll be covering Genesis 1-2, using the English Standard Version (ESV), but you can use whatever translation you prefer! For online reading, we recommend either Bible Gateway or Blueletter Bible.

Be sure to join us on Facebook to discuss the gatherings, Bible Study, and any and all topics!

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Low-bandwidth (32kbps mono) audio (right-click here to download mp3):

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8 Responses to Gilbert House Fellowship #1 – Genesis 1-2

  1. admin

    Hi All! Here’s where you can send us notes during the live fellowship, and you can leave comments/questions when listening to the archives! Thanks for joining us!

  2. admin

    Oh, you must register to comment. Thanks!

  3. admin

    Thank you, Lara! How wonderful….perhaps God actually sang in those creative moments!

  4. Wow! Sharon, several years ago we were studying Genesis at the Messianic fellowship I was in and I remember Ariel, our teacher telling us that! That God sang when He spoke creation into being! And that in the a Hebrew..the passages are arranged in certain ways to show those words were sung! The Song of Moses, for example, is split in the Red Sea was split!

  5. admin

    I like that, being a singer myself. I know how moving some music can be–I’ve often cried while singing it. Years ago, I had the pleasure of singing Chichester Psalms at Indiana University, and our conductor was Dr. Moses! And the MAC (Musical Arts Center) is right next to the creek named the Jordan River (actually named after David Starr Jordan, but it was still cool!).

  6. Maureen

    This is AWESOME!

  7. Jonathan Overstreet

    Hi! I am wondering if you have ever looked into SED physics and the corollary plasma astronomy/cosmology? If you look into the version Barry Setterfield published in his peer reviewed “Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy”, you will see how it leads to a creation model that is in accordance with the physical data that happens to have an earth in existence and cool on day 1 and population I stars igniting around day 4.
    It is the first time I have seen a working model that may explain why the sun doesn’t appear until Day 4.

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