Gilbert House Fellowship #193: Ezekiel 15-18

THE HARSHEST criticism of Israel we’ve encountered so far is the focus of this week’s study. God calls the people of Judah a prostitute — except that prostitutes get paid, and Judah, said God, had been whoring with other gods for free.

Worse, God said His people had actually taken the gifts He’d given them, including children, and sacrificed them to other gods.

And yet, God said a day would come when He would atone for all that they had done — a promise He kept at Calvary.

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  2. Raziel. 'Raz'

    Thank U so much for sharing the Word and the Flow between both of U is heart warming. Yah Bless Ur endeavors in Him. Shalom.
    Ps: I enjoy Sci Friday too. U make me laugh and inform my mind. One day I’ll get Ur books Derek, postage and exchange rate is costly to Australia.
    Another Brutha in Messiyah.


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