AI, VR, and Israel

We were honored to be the guests of Yvette Gallinar on her weekly program Table Talk this week. We discussed how artificial intelligence and virtual reality may be used to build the infrastructure of the coming kingdom of Antichrist.

Sharon talked about The Redwing Saga, her series of supernatural thrillers, and the forthcoming ninth novel in the series, Queen Sacrifice. Derek is working on the follow-up to his novel The God Conspiracy title The God Game, in which an element within the Fallen realm deploys AI and VR to draw the unsuspecting into a demonic religion.

Of course we talked about the Israel-Hamas War and its prophetic implications. And you get the first look at our new set for Unraveling Revelation!

If you missed the program, you can watch it here:

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  1. This was so fun! I appreciate you both so very much. Thank you for the opportunity. Love how the barn is looking 😉

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